Women youth in Lanao pledge support to UNYPAD

Women youth in Lanao pledge support to UNYPAD

MARAWI City (April 5, 2016) —Almost 200 women from the 13 municipalities of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte joined the orientation program conducted by the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) on Saturday, April 2 held at Marawi City.

“I was amazed with this numerous number of participants who attended the UNYPAD organizing program….It was my first time to encounter this in all orientation programs that we have conducted,” Sittie Saada Sampayan told UNYPAD News Team.

Sampayan is the National Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs of UNYPAD who attended the program and delivered a message before the participants.

Along with Sampayan are her colleagues in the Women Affairs Committee (WAC) Fatima Sapalon, Rowena “Jannah” Delos Reyes (a Revert to Islam) and Norin Kudto.

The women youth mostly came from ‘madaris’ (plur.of madrasah), secondary schools, colleges and universities in Lanao. They were from the municipalities of Marantao, Lumbayamague, Marogong, Tugaya, Lumbatan, Ramain, Pantar, Taguluan, Butig, Pagayawan, Disumangkop, Binidayan, and Maguing.

All the participants have sworn their allegiance to UNYPAD in attaining the vision, mission and goals of the orgaanization.

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“We want to contribute for peace in Mindanao and we want to show that we women can have a big role in building a nation,” a participant said.

The program was organized by the UNYPAD-Office of the External Affairs and the UNYPAD Regional Coordinator for Northern Mindanao Ahmad Matao Jr. supervised by the Vice President for Internal Affairs and the UNYPAD Women Affairs Committee. (UNYPAD News)