Yayasan Sukma Foundation holds partnership meeting in Aceh, Indonesia

By: UNYPAD ComTeam

ACEH, Indonesia / February 12 – In a bid to strengthen the partnership in implementing the scholarship program benefitting the Bangsamoro youth, the delegates from UNYPAD and BASULTA Contact Group meet with Sekolah Sukma Bangsa Pidie in this country discussing status of Yayasan Sukma Foundation’s scholarship program for the Bangsamoro on February 8-13 this year.

The said scholarship program started last June 2016 officially through the official partnership of Department of Education (DepEd) – Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) and the Yayasan Sukma foundation in Indonesia.

UNYPAD and BASULTA Contact Group facilitated the activities in the recruitment and coordination phase.

After the recent marathon meeting with the school management together with the Yayasan Sukma Foundation’s Country Coordinator Yusoph Lumambas and Benhar Usman, they found out that there were only minor issues and problems being faced by the students.

The said school gave the 23 deserving Bangsamoro students very good performance in academic, values, sports and arts.

Victor Yasdhana, the new director of academic affairs of Yayasan Sukma, facilitated the entire meeting.

He promised that he and his staff will find a way to complete the scholarship program until the beneficiaries will reach college level.

The meeting gave learning opportunity to the school management and the country coordinators to improve their coordination and collaboration efforts to immediately address all issues and problem that may arise in the future.

Part of the meeting was to discuss the status of the coordinators. They also agreed to hold meeting with ARMM officials upon arrival in Mindanao to strengthen support from regional government morally, financially and on the legal matters of partnership.

It is the policy of the school to allow parents to visit the scholars regularly in Aceh in order to address homesickness of the students.

This coming May 16, 2018 will be the start of Ramadhan vacation of the students as mentioned in the MOA signed by the both parties during the recruitment phase of the program. The scholars are excited and happy to see their families and friends.

Yusoph said during the school ceremony that he is very happy to know how the faculties and staff of the school are very professional, friendly and patient in dealing with the students from Bangsamoro.

He also said choosing the Bangsamoro youth for the scholarship of Yayasan Sukma Foundation for was timely, appropriate and very significant.

“These students are sons and daughters of the Bangsamoro who were affected by the war between the Moro fronts and the Philippine government forces long decade ago in the Bangsamoro homeland,” he explained.

Benhar also advised the students to be kind, loving and respectful to their teachers who are considered as their immediate family in this time.

“Your real family is not here, thus you must be good to your teachers and you must unite as Bangsamoro Muslims setting aside tribalism,” he advised the scholars.

Benhar is optimistic that the students will be instrumental in contributing for lasting peace and development in Mindanao through sustaining unity among themselves and bring it to their homeland.

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