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UNYPAD holds awareness forum re trends on violent extremism

By: Nor Sahid D. Benito

Cotabato City/March 1, 2020 – Awareness forum on the Trends on Violent Extremism & Radicalism was conducted by the United Youth for Peace and Development, In. (UNYPAD) at Brgy. Tinaungan, President Quirino, Sultan Kudarat province on February 29, 2020.  

The forum with a theme “Promoting Unity and Solidarity to Fight Against Violent Extremism and Radicalism” was led by UNYPAD President Quirino Municipal Chapter.  This activity is part of the organization’s advocacy and undertaken as manifestation of its continuing implementation of the programs.

The forum aims to inform and educate the youth about the possible bad consequences that could happen to any individual or group if they engage in any terrorism  group or activities.

One of the resource speaker was Mr. Datuan M. Magon, Deputy Secretary General of UNYPAD National.  He discussed how the extremist groups proliferated.

Base on Mr. Magon’s research, the terrorist group activities bring violence to the communities and one of the primary victims are the youths.

Member Secretary on BARMM Ustadz Lucman Sultan also clarified the perspective of Islam about terrorism and extremism.  He mentioned some verses from the Holy Quran to prove and validate that this is un-Islamic.  That terrorism and extremism is not supported by Islam.

He also added that to join a terrorist/extremist group is strictly prohibited by Islam and you can never find any teaching of Islam that encourages individual to join such group.  Rather joining such group is obviously an opposition to the teachings of Islam, Ustadz Sultan added.

The last speaker was Ustadz Mohammad Sidiq.  He explained the Role of the Youth to Prevent Violent Extremism and Radicalism.

Ustadz Sidiq mentioned that youths can do big and significant roles to stop the proliferation of the extremist group.  By simply understanding and making other youth understands that terrorism and extremism bring no good can be considered a very significant role.

It is always favorable to make it a habit to remind oneself to listen and always consult the elders on the issue of terrorism and extremism, he added.

The members of the community of President Quirino were grateful to UNYPAD for holding such forum in their place.  According to them, the forum provided them more knowledge about the issue.  Ultimately this will help them and their community not to engage in any terrorism/extremist group and make their community peaceful and safe all the time.