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UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster II – Women Affairs Committee (WAC) holds Islamic Leadership and Management Training

By: Rahim M. Lasak

COTABATO CITY/ August 30, 2020 – The Women Affair Committee (WAC) of the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Cluster II, initiated a two-day Islamic Leadership and Management Training on 29 – 30 August 2020 held at the UNYPAD Sub-Office, Batulawan, Pikit, Coabato. 

The activity was conducted through the joint leadership of UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster II, Chairwoman Nida Makatabang and Chairman Hamsa Landayan.

The training was designed to elevate motivations and understanding of the members on the concept of leadership and management imbibed in Islamic perspective.  

It also stipulated the preparations of oneself in acquiring knowledge and skills that would equip and empower young Bangsamoro women leaders in the more challenging future of the Bansamoro. 

“I am completely overwhelmed to your response, my dear fellow women who were thirsty in acquiring  knowledge and skills for conditioning ourselves in preparations of whatever contributions that we can render to our fellow Bangsamoro,’’ Chairwoman, Makatabang, conveyed  in her introductory speech as she also explained the rationale of the program. 

The training supposedly is initial call for every Bangsamoro young women leaders in the organization who has the interest of serving the Bangsamoro, not to take over anyone on the position but a call of our sincerity to extend our underlying services and sense of responsibilities to the programs and services of our Organization especially to this Bangsamoro, she added.

‘’I could not bear my excitement to be with you this day, as I really loved to see and meet newly organized members of our organization especially those who were in Municipal and Barangay officers as well the members,’’ Dr. Rahib L. Kudto, UNYPAD President, said in his message pertaining on sharpening motivation on strengthening the organization. 

“Actually there are lots of motivations in joining every organization it can be based on our personal interest, political or our own willingness. But this can be attested with the questions of sustainability and the correctness of our Niya or intentions,” Kudto said.

He emphasized, “Our intention will fix and determine how long it will take us on the organization and how much sacrifices we are willing to extend without expecting returns. This intention will also give us the clearness of our understanding to the mission, vision and objectives of the organization to put into our heart and actions.

The UNYPAD president also delivered quick discussion on the concept of ‘moral governance’ discussing the three major foundations behind its concept. Along with this were faith, services and role of law.

 “These three will always supplement each other in order to implement the so called moral governance the absence of one will no longer lead to a moral governance,” he elucidated.

Mr. Yusoph Lumambas, facilitator and lecturer of UNYPAD and the Secretary- General, conducted series of write-shops and workshops on the training. He tackled the topic entitled “Leadership in Islam.” 

The discussion delved on the experienced-based concept following UNYPAD’s experiences in the field as an operational organization for a long years that was supported by the theoretical and an Islamic history of leaderships.

What I am presenting to you is nothing but the module drafted and made by our own President Mr. Kudto. I see it as an effective one since this module have been used for a couple of years in series of training in the organization that talks about Islamic Leadership.” Mr. Lumambas said.

The discussion on the concept of management was handled by Bai Sanie Macabuat, WAC National President. She delivered an hour of discussion and some workshops along with her topic.

The two-day training and seminar enlightened and sharpened the corresponding knowledge and skills of the women affairs committee as they pursue their interest and enthusiasm in the field of leading organization.  

We are very much honoured and enlightened to participate in this training, The learning is very vital to us in developing and harnessing our capabilities on the field of leading most especially the ideas were excerpt from the Islamic context,” Chairwoman Mahad Ahley Jahana Balanagan, said in her impression. 

The women affairs committee through the leadership of Nida Makataban were looking forward for the positive implementation of whatever knowledge and skills they gain in the training especially in the pursuit of running the organization (UNYPAD). 

The participants are looking forward for the conduct of another kind of training upon the call of WAC regular meeting.

The activity was highly supported and supervised by provincial officers of the UNYPAD in the North Cotabato, spearheaded by Chairman Hamsa Landayan. Datuan Magon of National was also present to supervise the event.