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UNYPAD-Datu Paglas Chapter realligns chairmanship, crafts 4-month plan

By: Hairan Malo

📷 Alhaida Pagalad

DATU PAGLAS, MAGUINDANAO (October 6, 2020) — The UNYPAD Datu Paglas Chapter conducted a whole-day planning session held at UNYPAD Office in Brgy. Poblacion of this town which was attended by its officers in the municipality.

“The objective of the planning is to provide clear guidelines on the direction of the chapter,” Alvin Diadel, current UNYPAD Municipal Chairman told the attendees.

“The majority of the officers are professionals and busy with their chosen careers”, he said and added “hence careful planning is a must for an effective and efficient operation of the Chapter.”

According to Diadel the trust from their brothers and sisters to UNYPAD officers in leading them towards common goal of developing their skills and personality must be taken seriously.

Out-going Chairman Mr. Taharudin Lumapinet temporarily replaced Mr. Howkin Dakman, the Vice Chairman for External Affairs to better manage the UNYPAD operation in its school based Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College(DIPMC).

Mr. Dakman is undergoing hospitalization due to some illness. “We will welcome our brother again, once he will recover from his illness,” the out-going chair told his fellow officers.

Meanwhile, Mr. Norodin Guiano, acts as new vice chair on Internal Affairs, replacing Mr. Alvin Diadel temporarily. “We are strategizing to sustain the good standing of our chapter,” Ronnie said. “We are hoping to meet the UNYPAD Focal Persons from 23 Barangays to discuss matters regarding the incoming important virtual meeting via Google Meet with the Vice Chairman on Internal Affairs as conveyed by one of the National Officer today,” he explained.

Among the upcoming plan decided by the chapter to implement are:

1. Training on Proper Handling and Procedure of Meeting

2. Training on Photo Journalism and News Article Writing

3. Seminar on Early Warning, Early Response (EWER)

4. Proper execution of Ablution(Wudu) and performance of Islamic Prayer(Salah)

5. Proper washing, praying and burying the dead (Kaligo sa minatay, kasambayang lon andu kalebeng lon)

6. Series of Islamic Symposium to be led by the Women Affairs Committee (WAC).

“As part Dawah and Education programs, I lead in the piloting of Islamic Symposium,” Ms. Maleha Manunggal expressed during the planning. “We hope to invite more from the youths for the organization, as we see it is very beneficial,” she shared.

Alhaida Pagalad gave her full support for the 4 months plan as she sees it as milestone of the organization. “We will surely support the implementation of the plan,” she said. “We are aftering for the development of our brothers and sisters,” she added.

For almost two years, the chapter consistently provides safety information on Explosive Ordnance Risk Education in Central Mindanao after it was chosen as one of the Civil Society Organizations trained by the International Non-government Organization Fondation Suisse de Deminage (FSD).

Since its establishment, the chapter serves as the capital of the Maguindanao Cluster-3.