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UNYPAD Damalusay Chapter, first Barangay Chapter of UNYPAD Datu Paglas created

By: Norodin Guiano

DATU PAGLAS, MAGUINDANAO (November 04, 2020) — The UNYPAD Datu Paglas Chapter has created Barangay Damalusay as its first ever Barangay chapter last November 01, 2020 at Markadz Qusor.

The creation of the Barangay chapter with a theme “Discerning Youth Organization to Solidify Peace and Development in the Community” was witnessed by new 50 UNYPAD officers and members of the Barangay and more than 20 officers from Municipal and Provincial levels.

“Niya ba e paganay a kinapangaden sa maya ba a activity siya sa Barangay Damalusay (Such was the purpose of having this activity),” Hon. Barangay Captain Abdulkahar Mohammad admitted during the orientation for the new chapter.

“So Barangay Local Government no Damalusay na full support sa niya ba a ompongan a UNYPAD (The Barangay Local Government of Damalusay is in full support of the organization of UNYPAD),” he declared.

The attendees during this event were mostly from professional, religious and farmers sectors.

Appointed UNYPAD Barangay Chairman Jahir Mamenting reminded his fellow officers about the position saying that the youths are major contributor for the advancement of Islam and the cause of the Bangsamoro people.

“So mga nguda na niya ba silan e tidto-tidto a masla e kinadtabang nin sa kano kinaludso na mission no Nabi Muhammad Sallallahi Alaihi Was Salam siya sa Makkah sa kinapayapat sa kano agama Islam siya sa dunya (The youth truly did a crucial role in undertaking the mission of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Mecca-sowing Islamic faith in the world,” the UNYPAD Barangay Chairman explained to the attendees.

The Provincial Chairman of Maguindanao Cluster-3, Akmad Musa, oriented the new officers and members about the background of the organization.

“The organization is member of different organizations of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in Mindanao like the League of the Bangsamoro Organizations (LBO),” Musa pointed out.

“It is committed to support capacity development for the youth”, he emphasized.

“Lastly, we are happy to announce that the Datu Paglas Municipal Chapter is the most active chapter in Maguindanao Cluster-3 Province,” Musa conveyed.

The Barangay Women Affairs Committee orientation was supervised by the Municipal Chairwoman Alhaida Pagalad; Internal Municipal Vice-Chairperson Hairan Malo.

“Makagkapya sa ginawa e gaelay tano so organization sa pegkasla, sa pembaba den siya sa barangay (It excites us seeing the organization growing bigger and expanding in the barangay level)”, Alhaida stated when asked about the activity.

Hairan Malo, Vice Chairwoman for Internal Affairs who is responsible for organizing WAC in the Barangay said the chapter is now gradually spreading for the cause of Islam.

“So mga tagapera siya sa munisipyo na nakambaba sa naelay nami so mapya a kinadtakena na chapter, yanin mana gaelay endo gagedam so kapyananin (Our colleagues in the municipal who came down here witnessed and felt this good development),” Hairan said while expressing her impression on the activity.

Ustadz Raf-Raf Zacaria of Committee on Da’wah and Education Municipal level encouraged everyone to be a real brothers and sisters in Islam.

“Ya mapya sa kadsusuled na mana sawalo bu a lawas a o aren problema na na magedam na langun na edseyap-seyapan na badan (A good brotherhood is like one body, a little discomfort could be felt by the all parts of it),” he reminded the attendees.

The induction of new officers and members was facilitated by Provincial Chairman Akmad Musa together with Alvian Diadel, the Municipal Chairman where the new installed officers declared their pledge of loyalty to the organization.

Among the very supportive Municipal WAC officers present during the orientation were Ms. Jaohara L. Lamalan of Committee on Research and Information, Ms. Saguera Saptula of Committee on Da’wah and Education, Ms. Mary-ann Usman and May-Ann Lumapinet of Committee on Rehabilitation and Development, Ms. Almera Mohammad WAC Municipal Secretary and Aida Sema Municipal Vice Chairwoman for External Affairs.

Other significant Municipal officers present were Norberto Diadel Jr. of Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, UNYPAD Municipal Secretary Moctar Edzla; Morsid Plang of Committee on Health and Disaster Management and Ustadz Raf-Raf Zacaria of Committee Da’wah and Education.

Key visitors from the Province who had attended the event were Amin Agkat, Vice Chairman on Internal Affairs and Esmail Alim of the Committee on Da’wah and Education.

Other visitors from other Municipal Chapters present and witnessed creation of the first Barangay chapter were Norodin Abdulatip of Gen. Salipada K. Pendatun Chapter, Salahudin Laguialaot of Paglat Chapter and Roseman Comayod of Pandag Municipality.