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UNYPAD spearheads Islamic symposium

By: Johana S. Abid

ALEOSAN NORTH COTABATO (November 4, 2020) — The United Youth for Peace and Development, New Panay Chapter conducted an Islamic Symposium with the theme “Bangsamoro Youth: Source of Strength in Upholding Peaceful and Progressive Community,” last October 25, 2020 at Sittio Salman, New Panay, Aleosan, North Cotabato.

The activity was aimed to strengthen the youth’s participation being the vital agents of change, transformation, and development for the future of the communities.

Ustadz Hamsa Landayan, Chairman of NCC-2  assured that, “The organization (UNYPAD) is committed for the development of its chapters to upholding social transformations through promoting justice, peace, and human rights.”

The head of Committee on Campaign and Advocacy, Abdulrahim “Joe” Balabagan, discussed the UNYPAD’s vision, mission and goals and its contributions on Bangsamoro struggle and how it survives for a long period of time and its advocacy on moral, effective and efficient leadership skills.

“Even before, the UNYPAD has embodied the characteristic of moral gsovernance and its assertion for non-traditional form of leadership,” he pointed out.

One of the stakeholders of New Panay, the Social Welfare Committee (SWC) represented by Babay Mohamad, expressed her assessment on what really needs to be improved in their community.

“Sekami siya na mana kami pagidsan a lupa a bangangawidan a dala ma soil analysis tumba sekami na kulang kami abenal siya sabap santo na pakasisita kami sa organic fertilizer (Capability Building) endo papedsabutan sa lekano sa dikena kami siya pedtaman ka pageseg kami,” she said. (We are like soil that is being cultivated but have not undergone soil analysis that is why we are lacking of everything here. Because of that, we are in need of an organic fertilizer (capability building) for us to sustain our works. And we are informing you that we do not stop here we will move forward).

The head of the Committee on Da’wah and Education explained that in UNYPAD, the members are expected to be enhanced and capacitated of different skills, moral values and gain more knowledge.

UNYPAD Deputy Secretary for Administration, Datuan Magon, gave updates on GPH-MILF Peace Process and the current situation on the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

Mr. Magon shared the accomplishments of BARMM within its territory during the transition and its (possible) bureaucratic context in the future.

However, he expressed his concern citing, “Matag tano nakadunggo na dala tano pon makauma (Though we have already arrived, however we’re not yet there),” he said.

Datukong Laguidon, Battalion Commander under 129th base command of BIAF-MILF expressed his confidence to the role of youth leaders being the bearers of development in every Bangsamoro community.

Sahida P. Zokarno, UNYPAD-Women’s Affairs Committee (WAC) Aleosan Chapter Chairperson expressed her gratitude saying, “Alhamdulillah and congratulations, without the cooperation of every member and full support of different agencies from New Panay, maybe this program would not be realized.”

Among the attendees were representatives UNYPAD National and Provincial offices, Youth Sector, Baranggay Local Government Unit (BLGU), United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP), Political Committee (PolCom), Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF), Police Provincial Force (PPF), Social Welfare Committee (SWC), Bangsamoro Communication Network (BCN), Health Worker and Technical Working Group (TWG).