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UNYPAD joins in BARMM 2nd Foundation Day celebration

By: Zulfhikar L. Samsaraji

In photo: UNYPAD and SWC support the call for BTA term extension until 2025

JOLO, SULU (February 2, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UYNYP) joined the weeklong celebration of the second foundation of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) which started on January 18, 2021.

Simultaneous activity was conducted by the UNYPAD Sulu Chapter while commemorating the founding day of the Bangsamoro region.

The said organization was also invited by the new installed Bangsamoro Youth Commissioner (BYC) of Sulu, Mr. Mohammad Faizal S. Ali, also a member of UNYPAD.

During the program of BYC, Mr. Phix Samsaraji, UNYPAD Regional Coordinator in Western Mindanao Region presented the Bangsamoro Narratives citing, “The Bangsamoro government is the product of our long struggle, thus every Bangsamoro has ownership on this governance and therefore it is our shared responsibility to take care of the gains of our struggle.”

He added, “Our Bangsamoro leaders gave up their life for us to live in peace and comfort. The BARMM is just a manifestation of our united stand.”

“Looking back to our history is not about opening healed wounds but rather taking lessons from it,” Mr. Samsaraji pointed out.

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Labor and Employment (MOLE) Mr. Matarul Estino, highlighted the Programs and Services of the agency specifically the cash pay-out for Government Internship Program (GIP) and Special Program for Employment to the Student (SPES) where more or less 400 beneficiaries received their cash assistance.

Mr. Akub Estino, Chairman of UNYPAD in the Province of Sulu, expressed his support to the calls for the extension of BTA terms until 2025.

He said,” We have to support the BTA term extension because lots of political agreement including the Annex on Normalization still needs to be fulfilled by GPH-MILF.”

“But while we are in the middle of transition period it is important to remain cautious especially on the process of hiring government officials since majority of the MILF members are not yet reaping the gains of peace dividends,” Estino explained.

Other activity participated by the UNYPAD was the meeting initiated by the Social Welfare Committee (SWC) of Sulu wherein they expressed strong clamor for the BTA term extension.

“The BARMM government is looking on how they can uplift the social dilemma faced by our Bangsamoro constituent,” said SWC Central Sulu Chairwoman.

She added, “Much as they want to deliver their programs and services but because of the pandemic, there is delay in the implementation of the government agenda.”

A one-year action plan was also discussed by the core members of UNYPAD based on their programs and services of the organization.

They also manifested their support to the BTA term extension until 2025 which is crucial for the realization of the political and normalization tracks, a major component of the peace accord between the Philippine government and the MILF.