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UNYPAD Barungis Chapter organizes two-day training-workshop

By: Johana S. Abid

PIKIT, COTABATO PROVINCE (February 5, 2021) — United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Inc. Barungis Chapter organized a two-day training workshop on Islamic Leadership and Management Training on January 30-31, 2021 held at Barungis Session Hall, Barungis, this town.

The training was designed to enhance the capacity and skills of its members on Islamic leadership and management.

Provincial Secretary on Committee on Campaign and Advocacy, Jhoe P. Balabagan, gave an offshoot on Islamic leadership on the first day.

He tackled management on the following day together with Committee on Da’wah and Education representatives Asatids Nasrullah Akhmad, Fahad Mokalam and Mukarim Tado.

“UNYPAD is a learning institution that welcomes and trains youth to learn Islamic ways of leadership and management,” Balabagan explained.

“Isa sa mga mapiya a kaunutan na mataw matya sa dala balis nin (one of the requirement of being a leader is he/she can read or able to analyze happenings),” he quoted.

“Management is like being organized. Like connecting the parts of animals to form it and have feature,’ he stressed while discussing management on the second day.

The participants learned and at the same time enjoyed in the series of lectures he delivered.

Topics on Islamization were tackled on the night session. Asatids Akhmad, Tado and Mokalam gave inputs on Seeking Knowledge, Aquida Islamiya and Role of Youth in Jihad.

“Youth need to know and understand the Islamic history here in the Philippines in order build strong sense of Jihad,” Ustadz Tado emphasized. He added, “Youth should be the hope not a poison.”

On the other hand, Ustadz Akhmad explained the importance of acquiring balance education.

“Nasisita na maaden i balance a education sa mga kangungudan endo gapiya sa dunya taman sa yawmul kiyamah (Youth should acquire balance education (Arabic and secular) such that they will be in better situation in this world and in the hereafter),” he pointed out.