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UNYPAD Kabacan holds orientation, induction and oath-taking ceremony

By: Monibar M. Sudang

KABACAN, COTABATO PROVINCE (February 13, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD) Kabacan Chapter held orientation, induction and oath-taking ceremony for new officers and members from Barangay Poblacion and Aringay at Madrasatol Laguinding Al-Islamie.

In the presence of UNYPAD National President, Dr. Rahib L. Kudto, a hundred and thirty-six appointed officers and members took an oath to be part of UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster (NCC) 3.

NCC 3 Chairman Norsalin K. Patacpan, remarked in his overview, “UNYPAD aims not to ascend any existing leadership in community rather preparing the youths to pursue what has been already started with inset of faith and fear in Allah( SWT).”

“To where our struggle brought us today cost bloods and tears and only who has the wisdom of Qur’an and Sunnah (Practices of Prophet PBUH) will properly wield it which maybe one among of you here today,” he added.

Patacpan also underscored. “UNYPAD paid no one except appropriate wisdom in Islam, essentials knowledge and trainings-workshop will receive which no value of penny can measure–UNYPAD solely exercise leadership.”

UNYPAD National President Dr. Rahib L. Kudto, thoroughly discussed and explained the concept of Moral Governance which he defined as “straight governance.”

“It’s a just and fair governance which gives the rights of the people to have peace and harmonious life, has absence of corruption among leaders and in existence of faith and fear in Allah.,” he explained.

Kudto pointed out that faith, rule of law and services are the three strong supporting pillars of the moral governance enclosed by political will and the strong determination or will in governance.

“We should strengthen our values transformation where all it comes from,” he added.

UNYPAD-NCC 3 Secretary Badrudin E. Ali presented the rationale of the organization and that its will to organize the youth is aimed to lessen the escalated youth issues in community.

Ali assured to fully deliver the services and all capacitaty-building initiatives of organization to grow their skills and become productive agents in society.

He added, “It must take dedication, generosity and sincerity to commit and transform them into significant youth leaders and that they will be part in promoting peace and advocating changes.”

Ali quoted. “We took an oath to do our duties and responsibilities as member of community and the organization and not for the certain position that we hold.”

Ustadz Haris Mamengkog emphasized that the society cannot stand without the youth for it is its very core.

“If the youths will be properly educated and managed, they will uplift the society-and will continue to transmit the Sunnah and wisdom of Allah to the succeeding generations,” he said.

Dr. Alimen Sincil also graced the ceremony and expressed his gratitude to have the initiatives for the youths to prepare them to take care of future as part of the continuous plan.

“I am here to witness you took an oath and mark this day you started,” he added.

Barangay Political Committee Chairman Laurel Kadingilan was exhilarated seeing the officers and members being inducted.

He said hope lives seeing the youths who will someday become leaders and will continue the legacies of their elders.

Madrasah Muder Ustadz Amerodin Sincil remarked that their unity will be their true strength and power to achieve their desires and goals.

“If you will all become honest, you all will receive the same amount of gold” he added.

Aringay Chapter Chairman Joheri M. Wagia on his closing remarks challenged his fellow officers and members citing, “The real essence of our work has not started yet and we hope everyone will continue and choose to stay to serve our communities.”

Present in the event were Kabacan Chapter Chairman Buhare S. Kutea together with Barangay Officials and elders that the organization.

Other members of provincial executive council who witnessed the ceremony were Ronie Omar, Edris Ligandingan, Ali Sadre Magunto, Nasron Salik, and NCC 3 WAC Chairperson Mary Ann Dela Torre.

Municipal executives present were Wadjire Mustapha, Rennie Kabagel, Yusoph Pendililang, Kabacan Chapter WAC Chairperson Rasmiya Sanang-Sudang and Mina Ganion.