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UNYPAD National conducts Leaders Conference

By: Guihanah P. Balabagan

PIKIT, COTABATO PROVINCE (February 16, 2021) — The United Youth For Peace and Development (UNYPAD) National Chapter conducted Leaders Conference on February 06, 2021 at UNYPAD Sub-Office, Batulawan, in this town.

More or less 100 delegates coming from UNYPAD National and North Cotabato Clusters officers including the newly created cluster which is the NCC4 attended the event.

The conference was designed to strengthen the unity and solidarity of the both leaders and members of the organization, encourage them to continue pursuing the organization’s aim, objectives and goals specifically continue to capacitate the young leaders to prepare them for the future.

Tu Alid Alfonso, Vice President for Internal Affairs, gave his opening remarks saying, “Sekami sya sa national na paginagkay kami sa masla a makangguna nu mga young people, young leaders kanu kapatindeg kanu organization sabap sa pagiseg pamun so struggle tanu ( We, from national level are hoping that there’s a big contribution of young people, young leaders in terms of building or strengthen our organization , because our struggle still continue).”

Chairman of UNYPAD NCC2, Hamza G. Landayan, during his welcome address cited, “Sa leadership na UNYPAD NCC2 na shukor tanu sabap sa namakadtalabuka so 4 clusters leaders para mambityala so lekitanu a kadtatagapda, taman kanu national level (The leadership of UNYPAD NCC2 is thankful at this moment because the 4 clusters met and discuss cooperation as one including the national level)”.

National President of UNYPAD, Dr Rahib L. Kudto, also in the conference to show his moral support said, ” Nasisita na so kaunutan na maging model sa kapya na palangay, kasugo sa mapiya, kasapal sa mawag, kapya na kambibityala endo adn salig nin, commitment nin endo kabagel o kapag Islam as a leader (A leader must be a model in terms of good behavior, commanding what is good and forbidding what is evil, good in communicating other, must have the trust, commitment and have a strong faith as a leader),” he emphasized.

“Isegan tanu e kapag isa tanu, isegan tanu e kahumble tanu ka namba e tidto a source of strength tanu endo malini ka sa mapulo na pangulimbaba ka (We should develop our unity and solidarity, develop our humbleness because that are the sources of strength and if we want to reach the top, we have to be humble ),” he added.

As Kudto was ending his message, he emphasized “None of us as smart as all of us.”

National Chairwoman, UNYPAD Women Affairs Committee (WAC), Baisanie J. Macabuat, also gave her message regarding women.

“We, in WAC, we should have to be sincere. We should not do our responsibility for just job, but we should do our responsibility for the sake of Allah and for our organization,” she stressed.

With emphasis, the woman leader added, “We should strengthen our commitment and always be humble.”

After the messages of the national officers, Norodin M. Guiamalodin, Central Mindanao Regional Coordinator presided the conference proper.

He introduced the newly created cluster of North Cotabato under the leadership of Chairman Maguid Akmad.

Following were discussions, suggestions and recommendations specifically about the main agenda. There was also presentation of the road map for the creation of NCC4 chapter.

The first agenda was the area of jurisdiction where some of the baranggay from NCC3 in Kabacan were transferred into NCC4.

The said baranggay are the Simbuhay and Tampad while Simone and Nangaan were still in the NCC3.

In the municipality of Matalam the three barangays were also approved to transfer in NCC4 which are the Kilada, Marbel and Ilian.

Some agenda were NCC3 assets and properties, NCC4 set of officers, NCC4 inauguration. They agreed that they will discuss and will arrange among of the officers from NCC4 and NCC3.

In his closing remark, Yusoph S. Lumambas, Secretary General, emphasized the achievements of UNYPAD from 17 years of operation up to present.

“We contributed a lot in community services in a different ways so that we got this kind of award which is commended as Rapidly Expanding Member by the Organization of the League of Bangsamoro Organization,” he related.

“UNYPAD is the largest and widest Youth Organization in Bangsamoro Autonomous and Region in Muslim Mindanao and outside of the region and we will continue to encourage youth to participate and engage in our organization,” Lumambas said.

The leaders conference were successfully done with the presence and full efforts and support of different clusters specially the host of the program.The NCC2 Officers including Women were Full forced facilitated the said event.