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UNYPAD GSKP Chapter conducts orientation, oath-taking ceremony

By: Abdulwadud Lumambas

GEN SALIPADA K. PENDATUN, MAGUINDANAO (February 19, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYOAD) – General Salipada K. Pendatun (GSKP) Chapter, headed by Norodin H. Abdulatip, GSKP Chapter Chairman, conducted its second wave orientation on February 14, 2021 at Barangay Quipolot in this town.
More than a hundred individuals from Barangays Kaladturan, Bulod and Quipolot belonging to Municipal chapter (GSKP) and Provincial chapter (UNYPAD) Maguindanao Cluster-3 attended the activity which has the theme “Molding the Bangsamoro Youth as Part of the Nation.”

The program started with an invocation, Qur’anic reading, led by Benzar K. Unotan, Chairman of Quipolot Chapter.

It was followed by the welcome address given by Ustadh Mohamad Khadaffe Sumilalao, Mudeer of Mahad Quipolot.
Chairman of GSKP-Chapter, Norodin H. Abdulatip gave the opening remarks.

Maududi Sumilalao, Secretary on Budget & Appropriation, presented the participants.
There were also guests coming from national, provincial chapters and officials from Brgy. Quipolot namely Ustadh Nasrudin Guiama, Chairman Da’wah, National Chapter, Akmad Musa, the Provincial Chairman of Maguindanao, Cluster 3, Ustadh Esmael Alim, Maguindanao Cluster 3 Dawah Chair, Mohamad Kadaffe Sumilalao, Mudeer of Mahad Quipolot and Esmail Deleyoden, National Guerilla Deputy Base Commander.
Ustadh Guiama gave an inspirational message citing the importance of Bangsamoro youth as part of the nation. He emphasized the role of youth in history of the Holy Prophet and in the future.

Akmad Musa gave the overview of the UNYPAD and explained the Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, and programs of the organization.

“UNYPAD banya a pidtalu na niya ba su mga Youth a nasaumpong a banuntul kano mga kapangengetu endu kalilintad syaba makagulalan sa organization (It is in UNYPAD where youth struggle for peace and development).”

“UNYPAD is an organization that will develop youth to become competitive leaders, God-fearing, and this organization is a legal organization,” he also divulged.

Ustadh Esmaeil Alim gave an Islamic Orientation during the program. In his message, he said that the Muslims are the true brothers and sisters.

Some of the highlighted words in his message “Saben sabenal na su mga muslim e Benal adsusuled. Kapetan tanu su Tali nu Agama Islam. Organization banya e gaumbal a walay tano. (Indeed Muslims are brothers. Let us hold the rope of Islam. This organization becomes our house).”

He also said that “The Youth is the hope of nation.”

Ustadh Kamarudin Salendab, GSKP Chairman on Da’wah, delivered an Islamic words of wisdom on “How to strengthen the imaan (faith) of the Bangsamoro youth today.”

He also mentioned the important role of UNYPAD in molding the Bangsamoro youth in the right path.

Esmael Deleyoden also gave his message of support. He mentioned in his message that “Panadem tadem kano mga nawkit a nanggula, pagitungen su sagugunay, endu sandengen sudapan moma (Remember the past, think of the present and look forward in our future).”

“Youth is the hope of our land” edtantu kano endu tutulanged kano ka sekanubanya e mamaka-sukeli siya kano moli a timpo, he also added.

The newly appointed officers of the UNYPAD GSKP Chapter also made their solemn promise for their perspective positions.

Everyone was very emotional as they promised to do their roles and duties as officers.

UNYPAD GSKP Chapter also showed its support to the extension of the Bangsamoro transition period.

Overall, the program was made successfully through the joint efforts of the Municipal officers of the UNYPAD GSKP chapter, guests, participants, and most specifically to the host Barangay Quipolot.

Master of Ceremony, General Secretary GSKP-Chapter, Sir Sayf L. Abubakar, expressed thanks to the Almighty Allāh.

The organizers prayed that the Creator strengthen everyone’s faith in Allāh SWT, give a healthy life, and continue to guide and bless everyone.