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UNYPAD Buliok Pagalungan holds Islamic Leadership and Management Training-Workshop

By: Hassanudin K. Singgon

PAGALUNGAN, MAGUINDANAO (Feb 27, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD) – Buliok, Pagalungan conducted “Islamic Leadership and Management Training-Workshop” held on February 17-18, 2021 at Madrasatul Ansari Al-Islamie in this town.

Thoe Bin Abdullah, Committee on Campaign and Advocacy of UNYPAD National, discussed the importance of Islamic Leadership on the first day of the activity.

He said, “It is very important for us to know how to become a leader in Islam, because whether we like it or not, time will come to us, we will be the next leader of our community or in our family.”

And he also cited the verse from Qur’an, “No Islam without community, no community without leader, no leader without obedience.”

On the second day, Ustadz Hamza G. Landayan, Chairman of UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster II, tackled the Importance of Management in Islam.

“A good leader can be a good manager, but not all the managers are leaders,” he pointed out.

Ustadz Mantel P. Tato for his words of wisdom, spoke about the importance of listening the discussions about Islam and he cited the hadith of Prophet Muhamad ( s.a.w).

“In just one hour of staying or sitting here in the venue, there’s a reward that awaits for us which is better than this earth and inside of it,” he said.

The Punong Barangay of Buliok, Pagalungan, Ebrahim Mohamad, expressed his gratitude and support to the training.

Some participants gave their impressions among which were Norhuda L. Dimudas and Pinadsala.

The attendees were from different sitios of Buliok, representatives of the Political Committee, Barangay Local Government Unit and Pagalungan Core Group head Badrodin A. Mamendig.