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UNYPAD Dalengaoen Chapter spearheads re-orientation about UNYPAD

By: Annie Udil

PIKIT, COTABATO PROVINCE (March 4, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Barangay Dalegaoen Chapter spearheaded the re-orientation about UNYPAD on February 25, 2021 at the covered court of Dalengaoen in this town

The said event which was part of the annual programme of the organization aims to convey the background, history, goal, mission, vision and structures of UNYPAD.

It also aimed to produce excellent, effective and efficient young leaders that will continue the legacy of the organization from generation to generation.

The event was participated over 80 young women and men from different sitios of the barangay.

Ust. Morad D. Amad, Committee on Dawah and Education, delivered his lecture about on Aqidah Islamia.

“Piyan piyan tano so aqidah tano ka siya ba bagunot so kapegkatalima kano simba tano, upama ka makasudiya na duwan nin,” he stressed.

“So tumideng no Aqidah Islamiya na mana so 6 timan na rukon no Iman,” he added.

Chairman of North Cotabato Cluster II, Ust. Hamsa Landayan explained and discussed all about UNYPAD.

He said UNYPAD is a group that fosters good and forbids evil and stressed “Our very aim why we conduct this kind of activity is to produce our second liner, our successors.”

Landayan reminded the participants that time will come, the youth will take over the leadership role in the future.

“Our aim is to develop the spiritual, physical and material aspects of the youth,” he added.

Guihannah P. Balabagan, Representative of the Women Affairs Committee, delivered her lecture on the role of youth and women in Islamic society.

She said “Our role as a women in Islam are as head of the family, as frontliners, as source of hope, as peace builders, as leaders and etc.”

Balabagan also said that there are things that men can do which the women can and vice versa.

“With women as partners, we can build a nation,” she quoted the statement of the UNYPAD President.

The said event was supported and participated by the BLGU’s. Among with the attendees were the provincial members, SWC, WAC, and people of the community.