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UNYPAD-WAC organizes chapter in Maguindanao Cluster II

By: Jemraisa Mangkong

COTABATO CITY (March 8, 2021) — The National Women Affairs Committee of the United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (WAC-UNYPAD) conducted orientation and oath taking ceremony of the newly organized WAC Officers and Members of UNYPAD Maguindanao Cluster II on February 13, 2021 at Barangay Makir, Datu Odin SInsuat, Maguindanao.

Mahmod Tulino, Chairman of the UNYPAD Maguindanao Cluster II, quoted a verse from Qur’an in his inspirational message which states, “Let them be among you who invite what is good and forbid what is evil.”

“And UNYPAD follows this verse. We are not just following the constitution of this country but, above all, the law of the true Ruler, the Almighty Allah,” said Tulino.

The WAC National Chairwoman, Baisanie J. Macabuat, stressed that leadership is not a position but a huge social responsibility.

“This is the reason that Islam discourages us to aspire for a position,” she pointed out.

She added that one should know that leadership emanates from Allah.

Noraida Akad, Chief Sub-committee on Environment and Natural Resources, shared the UNYPAD’s vision, mission, goals and objectives as well as its programs and services to encourage more youth to join in the continuous journey of UNYPAD.

“Let us not be worried if there are a lots of organization existing in our community. Let us not look at them as our competitors, rather we must treat them as our partners to work with,” said Melia Ukom, Chief of Sub-Committee on Campaign and Advocacy.

She also discussed the roles and duties of the UNYPAD Officers.

Ukom ended her part by sharing the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “One due woman is better than a thousand undue men.”

“That is why do not ever think you are ‘just’ a woman. Because we are playing a vital role in the welfare of the Bangsamoro people, since then and now,” she stressed.

The Maguindanao Regional Coordinator, Norodin Guimaludin, also graced the said activity. He emphasized, “To lead is a responsibility. All of us were given Amanah. And when you are trusted, you must be trustworthy.”

“UNYPAD envisions to mobilize and equip young leaders like you who could continue to perform and apply Islamic leadership, transparency in governance and initiate change for goodness of all,” he pointed out.

“As a leader, do not act like a fog that puts himself so high whereas in reality, it is on ground. Act like a stars that can be mirrored in a brook where in reality, it is from sky… my fellow youth, I simply mean to be humble on whatever position you have or achieved,” he added.

The newly appointed chairwoman expressed her heartfelt gratitude as they took their oath to be committed and responsible in their work at all times.

The oath taking ceremony marked the day of their fresh start in handling a torch to lead the journey towards the light.