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UNYPAD-Cotabato City conducts Islamic Leadership and Organizational Management Training

By: Thelma Aisha Ali

COTABATO CITY (April 12, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD)- Cotabato City Chapter (CCC) conducted a two-day Islamic Leadership and Organizational Management Training at UNYPAD Session Hall, Purok Pinen RH7, Cotabato City last March 12-13, 2021 for batch 1 and March 19-20, 2021 for the second batch.

The said training was done in pursuant on the implementation of the organization’s Annual Plan Activity.

The training which has the theme, “Unleashing Leadership and Management Potentials: Getting Ahead With Islamic Ethics and Values” was scheduled earlier, however due to the non-availability of the resource person, it was moved this March.

Around 60 participants were able to attend in the said training facilitated by UNYPAD President Dr. Rahib L. Kudto, National WAC Chairwoman Baisanie Z. Macabuat and the National Secretary on Committee on Campaign and Advocacy, Thoe bin Abdullah.

The training was aimed at cultivating and nurturing the minds of the young ones about Islamic leadership and managing and administering organization.

“Your objective will drive you. So set a smart objective. Mobilize men,” said Dr. Kudto.

“The most influential leader in the world is our Prophet. Even up to this day. The reason why we are here is because of his influence,” he added.

This activity is the extension of his leadership, his influence,” the UNYPAD head underscored.

“If we could not reach out these youth who are deviated from the right path or educate these young Bangsamoro women about how Muslim women should dress up, then our tomorrow will be the same as today” he pointed out.

In her lecture, Macabuat stated. “A leader must create a vision and therefore that vision must be shared. In mobilizing the youth, we must know our direction for us to lead them.”

“A leader must accept criticism. In that sense he or she is being molded and grow,” she explained.

“Our leaders are striving hard to achieve what we want to achieve for the welfare of the Bangsamoro. And you, youth, shall do the rest” Abdullah said while discussing about leadership.

Jamila Aman, one of the participants from batch 1, expressed her message of impression as the activity commenced citing, “I hope the knowledge and skills that we have acquired from this training will not only remain in these four corners of room.”

According to Aman she did not regret filing a leave just to attend the training having learned a lot on leadership and management which could not be learned elsewhere.