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UNYPAD Galakit Chapter spearheads Islamic symposium

By: Zulkarnain M. Kudto

MAGUINDANAO PROVINCE (April 15, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development North Cotabato Cluster II Galakit Chapter spearheaded Islamic symposium with the theme ‘’Ramadhan: A Hope for Unity, Spiritual Advancement, Forgiveness and Self-Cleansing’’ held on April 11, 2021 at the covered court of Barangay Galakit, Pagalungan, this province.

The aim of this activity is to know the essence of Ramadhan and learn the dos and don’ts of fasting during this holy month.

Usman Sali, Barangay Kagawad of Galakit, welcomed the participants and organizers. He expressed gratitude to UNYPAD citing, “Thank you for realizing this activity, I hope that every youth group has initiative like this.”
“Your organization is a big factor to attain and achieve the common goal of our society’’ he added.

While giving the rationale of activity, Muhamad Abas, Chairman UNYPAD Pagalungan Chapter, pointed out, “Our organization do its best to give you exact information about the GPH (Government of the Philippines)-MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) peace process and current situation of BARMM (Bangsamoro Autonomour Region in Muslim Mindanao).”

The chapter chairman conveyed to the audiences that they will design activities to be conducted in the holy month of Ramadhan.
Aisa Mokalam, representative of Social Welfare Committee, on her message of support stressed, ‘’Pedsukor kami sa kina invite salkami sa nya a Islamic symposium. Su supurta name salkanu a mga nguda na tidto-tidto sabap sa sekanu e banuntol sa kagkapya na enged (We are thankful to you for inviting us in this symposium. Our support to the youth is real because it is you who seek for the betterment of this community).”

Alhafidz Muras Amad, member of the Committee on Da’wah and Education of Pikit Chapter, discussed Aqeedah Islamiyah.
‘’Ramadhan will come and always remember that every plan has an Aqeedah. Don’t focus on what you see in this world,” he said.

The lecturer underscored, “Remember, maybe tomorrow or after tomorrow, we will return to Allah, thus, be always prepared for death.”
Nasrullah ‘Thoe’ Abdullah, officer of the Committee on Campaign and Advocacy of UNYPAD National, gave updates on the current status of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) and Government of the Philippines (GPH)-Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace process.
He emphasized that, “Our struggle is not yet done, although we have autonomous government.”

Abdullah added, “Always keep trust to our leaders because they need us. We are promoting moral governance and fully support the extension of the Bangsamoro transition from 2022-2025.”

Nasrullah Ahmad, member of Committee on Da’wah and Education of Pagalungan Chapter, tackled the essence of Ramadhan. “This holy month of Ramadhan, always purify your good heart, make good deeds, give some sadaqa to those people in needs because Allah will reward us in the day of judgment,” Ahmad said.

The Barangay Chairman, Datu Anwar Matalam, said on his message, “Working together is the best way to achieve our mission, you (UNYPAD) members, we will support your programs and activities,” he committed.

“You find ways to mold our youth, develop their skills and enhance their capacity. Our barangay need youth to become agent of transformation’’ he added.

The chairman Galakit Chapter, Samir Kudto, said, “We will maintain our unity and solidarity. Your participation and cooperation is the best factor to the success of our activities.”

“The chapter looking forward to realize another activity for this blessed month of Ramadhan,” he added.

There were around 120 attendees comprised of youth leaders and representatives of the Social Welfare Committee, Barangay Local Government Unit and other sectors in the community.