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UNYPAD Maganao Chapter holds Ramadhan Islamic Symposium

PALIMBANG, SULTAN KUDARAT (May 3, 2021) — In a bid to educate the Muslim communities particularly the youth on the virtues and essence of Ramadhan, the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Maganao Chapter held an Islamic Symposium on April 28, 2021 at Mahad Darul Hidaya Al-Islamiyya at Barangay Maganao in this town.

The activity is the second part of the planned activities of Sultan Kudarat Provincial Chapter Cluster II this year implemented by each municipal chapters including Kraan and Palimbang Chapter.

Kraan Chapter conducted their program on April 22, 2021 at Barangay Kraan in this municipality.

The symposium was made possible by the concerted efforts of the Provincial Committee Chairman on Da’wah and Education Alhafidz Mon-em Kirab Usman, Women;s Affaris Committee (WAC) Committee Chairperson Naima A. Pangansayan, Maganao Chapter Chairman Joseph Costola and WAC Chairperson Haina I. Mudti together with their officers.

The Muhadirs or resource speakers for this blissful event were from the group named Qawafil Al-Falah composed of young professionals and practicing preachers of Islam.

Organizers were grateful for the opportunity having the pool of speakers who spared their time despite of hectic schedules. Qawafil Al-Falah have their own series of symposiums in different parts of Palimbang and nearby communities.

The lecturers were Shiek Kaharuddin Malinog pondered on the topic of Tahmurrriba, Shiek Mahir Abdulkahar Halil tackled about Fada-ilu siyyam.

They were joined by two siblings who are admired of their knowledge and the level of their understanding in Islam namely Shiek Datu Randy and Shiek Datu Labi Kalunsiang.

The last lecturer was Dr. No’man Abdul Aziz, a student from in one of the prestigious universities in Madina, Saudi Arabia, who tackled Tarbiyyatul Awlad

After the discussions, the Qawafil Al-Falah, gave prizes for their Question and Answer portion.

UNPAD Maganao offices thanked the local officials and traditional leaders of the community for supporting the activity and the youth together with their parents for their attendance.

The SK Provincial Chapter Cluster II officers and some officers of Palimbang and Kraan Chapter also graced this event.

Right after the event, they also provide food for Sohur which reminded the participants about the one of the values of Ramadhan which is giving charity.