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UNYPAD Layog chapter initiates Islamic Symposium

PAGALUNGAN, Maguindanao (May 19, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development Layog Chapter under North Cotabato Cluster II (NCCII)  initiated Islamic Symposium in partnership with the Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) of Barangay Layog held last May 05, 2021 at Mamasabulod Elementary School , this town.

The activity has a theme “Ramadhan: a Hope for Unity, Spiritual Advancement, Forgiveness and Self-Cleansing” was aimed to strengthen unity, Aqeedah (faith) and spiritual development of the youth and the Bangsamoro people in the community.

Hundreds of attendees from different sitios of Layog and nearby barangays participated in the symposium.

The UNYPAD NCCII province and municipal officers and members  headed by the Vice-Chairman for External Affairs, Badrodin Mamendig, Women Affairs Committee (WAC) headed by Norhanie Mamasabulod , Vice-Chairperson for internal affairs of NCCII were present.

The Bangsamoro Communication Network (BCN), Social Welfare Committee (SWC), teaching force of the said school, BLGU officials headed by the Barangay Captain Akmad M. Mamasabulod  and  other religious sectors also graced the occasion.

Sheikh Abdulfatah Dimacisil, Secretary of Shariah Court-Ligawasan Province at Secretary of Hay-atul Ulama -Ligawasan Province tackled the Role of Youth in Islam.
He explained the “Four Role of the Youth in Islam” based on the history and time of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

“As youth, we should learn the Qur’an and Hadith to avoid the misunderstanding among brothers in Islam,” he said.

Another speaker, Sheikh Luqman Sultan, Dean of Kulliyah -Mahad Kabacan and Secretary of Central Committee discussed the Aqeedatul Islamiyah.

“Each one of you should evaluate himself. We must implement the teaching of Islam, the pillars of Islam and Imaan,” Sultan stressed.
“Be careful with your Aqeedah because it is not just for the BARMM but no matter what, it will be until death,” he added.

The Role of Women in Islam was discussed by Saguira Abubakar, Secretary of Tarbiyah Mahwil Ummiyah, Ligawasan Province.
She narrated the four women in Islam who already have their names in paradise and urged the female participants to emulate their good acts.
“Every learnings we have gained, we should apply it in ourselves to maintain being Muslimah” Abubakar stressed.
Member of UNYPAD Committee on Da’wah and Education, National level, Shiekh Nasrudin Musa, discussed the significance of Ramadhan and Laylatur Qad’r.

“Ramadhan is the special month for every Muslim. It will teach us to do good and avoid evil,” he said.

Musa added, “It can help us to control ourselves and all of our sacrifices during this month Allah will reward and forgive us,” he emphasized.

The principal of Mamasabulod Elementary School, Kamarudin Manampan, was thankful and showed his support to the activity and to the organization.

He said that their school is willing to support and help the programs of UNYPAD because he can see the good and moral objectives of this organization for the community.

UNYPAD Layog Chapter is looking forward for the development of their group and to serve the Bangsamoro people.