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UNYPAD pays courtesy call in three municipalities of Maguindanao

By: Thelma Aisha Ali

SOUTH UPI, Maguindanao (July 23, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) paid courtesy call in Upi, South Upi and Datu Blah Sinsuat municipalities in Maguindanao Province on July 22-23, 2021 as part of the implementation of the project Advancing Inclusion and Political Participation of Women in the BARMM (AIPPWB) with Catholic Relief Services.

The activity is geared towards informing the three Local Government Units (LGUs) on the working engagement with its women-mandated service structures to train targeted women on leadership, policy advocacy, and development planning and budgeting under the said project.

Further, the project will support women leaders to partner with government and civil society to develop women’s political agenda in each of the three municipalities.
It will also enable women to pursue advocacy and lobbying of women peace and development agenda and platforms in BARMM’s municipal, provincial and regional governments.

The team first visited Mayor Reynalbert O. Insular of South Upi Municipality and Paul Cagara of Upi in the absence of Mayor Piang.

The said activity was spearheaded by the Project Coordinator Melia S. Ukom and BARMM Liaison Edwin Antipusto together with the MEAL Officer Bailanie Alfonso and Training Officer Thelma Aisha Ali to introduce AIPPWB Project.
On the following day, the team also paid a courtesy to DBS Municipality where they were welcomed by the Municipal Administrator Shela Aliah Sinsuat Tomawis in the absence of Mayor Marshall I. Sinsuat
Part of the objectives of the visit were to know the Program, Projects and Activities (PPAs) of the three LGUs on women and development program on municipality, identify existing women organizations and lobby a draft of MOU on the primary government actors of the aforementioned three towns.

“This is a stepping stone to our mandate in empowering women here n DBS. In fact, our former mayor, currently the vice-mayor, is a woman who also happened to be the first one who organized women in DBS,” said Tomawis.
Mayor Insular of South Upi said, “This project is another eye opener to our women leaders. It is another door of opportunity and room for improvement and we do hope that workers like you will never get tired in helping us.”