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UNYPAD-Cotabato City distributes AidTatabanga’s relief assistance in Mamasapano

By: Thelma Aisha Ali

COTABATO CITY (August 11, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) – Cotabato City Chapter (CCC) distributed its second wave of relief assistance under the AidTatabanga Project at Madrasah Darul Hijrah, Dabenayan, Mamasapano, Maguindanao on August 10, 2021.

The undertaking was done in coordination with UNYPAD Regional Coordinator, Brod Norodin Guiamaludin.

“I am so glad and proud that UNYPAD was able to produce such young leaders whose hearts belong to the Bangsamoro people. This might be a simple initiative but it creates huge impact to the community,” said Brod Norodin.

He appreciated the efforts of the UNYPAD members and the partner organizations who joined the distribution.

Ustadz Mohalidin Dalamban, Madrasah Head Teacher, graced the activity.  There are about 110 pupils benefitted in this activity.

According to them, this is the first time the learners receive an assistance or help since the massive armed conflict in Mamasapano last March 18, 2021.

This outreach program was realized through the concerted efforts of UNYPAD and its partners organization namely SPMS Box UYL and UNGAYA (United Group of Active Youth Association) Cotabato Chapter.

“AidTatabanga Project exists because of the love and care that we have for you.  We think about the welfare of our innocent Bangsamoro fellow youths who we believe are struggling due to armed conflict. Thank you for welcoming us,” UNYPAD Cotabato City Chairman Yusop Macabuat said.

He added that UNYPAD CCC Project AidTatabanga would like to continue what has been started to extend its help for the fellow Bangsamoro children who are vulnerable in their communities.

“AidTatabanga believes that any help extended is a form of kindness,’ Macabauat said.

The expression of gladness and joy were seen in the eyes of the beneficiaries who expressed their thanks to the benefactors.