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UNYPAD NCCll pilots ‘Kumustahan sa Barangay Program’

By: Zulkarnain M. Kudto

PIKIT, North Cotabato (September 07, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Pikit Chapter simultaneously piloted Barangay Kumustahan Program with the theme “Bangsamoro Youth Leaders’ Generation: UNYPAD NCC-Il Kapamagadaya sa Kasampay sa Tedto a Kalilintad endu Kagkapya” conducted  at barangays Nunguan and Balungis in this town on September 04, 2021.

In his rationale, Badrodin Mamemdeg, UNYPAD Vice Chairman for Internal affairs elaborated that the  objectives of the activity were basically  to give updates  and consolidate the NCC-ll members status in barangays, share understanding on basic issues of the chapters and the community also to foster strategic cooperation.

Present in the event were UNYPAD Deputy Secretary for Administration, Datuan Magon, who gave update on the current situation of peace process and Alhafids Murad Ahmad, UNYPAD committee on Dawah and Education, who imparted Islamic orientation.

“Panamalan so kapangagi sa mangidsan i Arabic endo English ka samba makwa so ilmo a makagkapya sa apya  endaw tanu makabpawang endo apya endaw tanu makambetad (We should strive to study in both Arabic and western education because these will be benefit us in all walks of our life),” Ustadz Ahmad emphasized.

UNYPAD NCC-II Chairwoman Nida Makatabang reminded the chapters especially the Women Affairs Committee (WAC) with regards to their task and functions.

“In order for us to be more effective and beneficial to our community, we must always remind ourselves with our duties and responsibilities and for us to attain the VGMO of our organization,” she underscored.

Ustadz Salahudin Dalid, Chairman of Political Committee of the Moro Islamic Liberation MILF, Abdulkarim “Sacrifice” Mangelen, Brigade Commander 4th Brigade Expeditionary Mission and Abdulhamid Sansawi Brigade Commander, 6th Brigade Expeditionary Mission, both of the 129 Base Command along with other local commanders and political leaders were also present in the activity.

“Your program is very important for mostly in rural communities like us because we feel oftentimes that we’re behind mostly regarding the situation of the GPH-MILF peace process and the BTA extension also,” Ustadz Dalid remarked.

“We are very much thankful for you the UNYPAD especially for reaching us just to update us with information and knowledge we need to know,” the chairman of Balungis Chapter commended.

Nasrudin Landaila, Vice Chairman for External Affairs, on her closing remarks cited that UNYPAD is a walking university wherein members are able to develop and enhance skills through its programs and activities.