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UNYPAD NCCII empowers Lagunde chapter

By: Guihanah P. Balabagan

PIKIT, Cotabato Province ( Oct 04,2021) The United Youth For Peace and Development ( UNYPAD) North Cotabato Cluster II empowered the youth of UNYPAD Lagunde chapter by conducting two-day Islamic Leadership and Management Training-Workshop at Barangay Lagunde Pikit Cluster III, Special Geographic Area) SGA- Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) last October 2-3, 2021.

More or less 30 participants of UNYPAD Lagunde chapter coming from different sitios including the officers and selected members joined the activity.

The training was designed to enhance the abilities of the Bangsamoro youth, to motivate and develop them to become a good individuals in the community and provide them more knowledge and skills enabling them to become a potential good leaders in the future.

Hamsa G.Landayan, Provincial Chairman UNYPAD NCCII, shared his expertise, knowledge and discussed about the scope of Leadership and Management in Islam.

“Let us be prepared for ourselves to accept our responsibilities but do not aspire, we should always remember that our basis in leadership and management is the Qur an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad,” Landayan stressed.
The participants actively participated and enjoyed the series of workshop introduced by the lecturer assisted by co-facilitators.

In his inspirational message, Ustadz Muhalidin Mulilis, member of the Committee on Da’wah and Education of UNYPAD NCCII, said, “If the youth would strive and well and educated on Islam, there is a big hope that in our future generation our community will become progressive.”

Demonstrating his support to the program, Brgy. Kagawad Mastura Balabagan emphasized in his message, “We, as barangay officials of this community, are always supportive to any activities of the youth because for us you are the hope of Barangay Lagunde.”

Mustapha K. Sanduyogan, UNYPAD Pikit Chairman, stressed, “We must lead our self, develop our self, our skills because nowadays youth is very important.”

In their impressions, the participants expressed their gratitude and happiness for having given the chance to join the activity and hoped that there will be more capacity-building activities to be conducted by UNYPAD in the future.