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UNYPAD Basilan Chapter updates Lamitan City BIAF on normalization track

By: UNYPAD ComsTeam

LAMITAN CITY, Basilan Province (Oct 13, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Basilan Chapter facilitated an orientation on Sunday (Oct10) for the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces of Lamitan City to give updates on the normalization track of the Government of the Philippines (GPH) – Moro Islamic Liberation Front peace agreement.

The activity, part of the prescribed action plan for 2021 of UNYPAD, aimed to convey to the target audiences clear information about the peace agreement implementation to avoid any misunderstanding that may result to possible conflicts.

Cmdr. Rajan Abdurahman, the Deputy Commander for Military Warfare-MILF BIAF Base 114, Basilan, requested the activity.

More than a hundred BIAF officers and members under his jurisdiction joined the orientation.

He gave the welcome remarks followed by the rationale of the activity facilitated by Hji. Samad A. Ahaddin of the Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities, Basilan.

Dr Muhmin T. Lamla tackled about UNYPAD, the role, functions and responsibilities of its officers and members and the relevance of the activity to the organization’s goals and objectives.

Prof. Argie J. Sarco gave updates on the normalization track of the peace accord citing factual data to ensure that the people get the right information.

Lots of questions were raised during the open forum on which the resource person answered accordingly resulting in a smooth and meaningful conversation.

According to the organizers, through the orientation, the combatants’ doubts were cleared and those were altered by the proper information which they should know in the first place.

The interests of the combatants were noticeable throughout the duration of the activity with their concentration and active participation in the open forum.

At the end of the activity, the audiences, including their Commander conveyed their satisfaction to the initiative. They also expressed appreciation to UNYPAD and the speaker.