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UNYPAD President officiates oath-taking of Datu Montawal chapter officers

By: UNYPAD ComsTeam

DATU MONTAWAL, Maguindanao (Oct 25, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) President Dr Rahib Kudto officiated the oath-taking ceremony of the newly installed officers of Datu Montawal Chapter on Sunday (Oct 24) in Barangay Pagagawan, this town.

In his Message, Dr Kudto emphasized the importance of every officer to fulfill their respective duties and to value unity and cooperation.

“Position or duty is not a privilege but a responsibility to society. As your social increases, the less privileges you get,” said Kudto.

He further urged the importance of supporting the Bangsamoro government in its thrust to promote good governance.

UNYPAD National Office who graced the event to give their support were Secretary-General Yusoph Lumambas, Deputy Secretary-General for Administration Datuan Magon, Committee on Da’wah and Education Secretary Ustadz Suharto Mamangkog, and Committee on Campaign and Advocacy Secretary Nasrullah M. Abdullah.

Also present were Committee on Rehabilitation and Development Secretary Engr. Saidona Lawan and Women’s Affairs Committee National Vice-Chairwoman for Internal Affairs Saada Sampayan.

Meanwhile, North Cotabato Cluster (NCC) II showed its full support, led by Chairman Hamza Landyan, Vice-Chairman for External Affairs Badrodin Mamendig, Vice-Chairman for Internal Affairs Nasrudin Landaila, Deputy Secretary for Administration Zulkarnain M. Kudto, WAC NCCII Chairwoman Nida Makatabang and other officers.