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UNYPAD PIKIT conducts orientation for Manaulanan Youth

Guihanah P. Balabagan

PIKIT, SGA-BARMM (November 1, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) North Cotabato Cluster (NCC) ll Pikit Chapter initiated an orientation for the establishment of new chapter at Dalandag compound, Manaulanan Pikit Cluster III , Special Geographic Area(SGA) on October 31, 2021.
More than 100 participants attended in the program coming from different sitios, nearby barangays and nearby municipalities.

Among the attendees were UNYPAD national, provincial, and municipal officers, Women Affairs Committee (WAC), representatives of the municipal local government unit (MLGU), barangay local government unit (BLGU), Social Welfare Committee (SWC) and other sectors.

In his rationale, Mustapha Sanduyogan, said, “This orientation program is one of the major programs and services of our organization. Our aim is to unite the youth and build them to become an excellent and efficient young Bangsamoro leaders especially in their communities,” he added.

AbdulNasser Andik, Member of Committee on Research and Information in the provincial level, discussed the background, mission, vision, goals, objectives, programs and services as well as the committees of UNYPAD.

“Evaluate ourselves and think of where we used those knowledge given by Allah for us. If you contributed and shared all of those to our community,” Andik said.

The Islamic orientation given by the provincial secretary of the Committee on Da’wah and Education, Ustadz Nor ali Mokalam.

“As a leader we must know where we have been, where we are in the present, and where we will be in the future, but always bring the knowledge we gained because we are responsible to share it,” he emphasized.

Member of Research and Information in the national level, Abdul Rahim “Jhoe” Balabagan, gave an inspirational message, more updates about UNYPAD.
He also discussed the 3 hierarchy of change which are the evolution, revolution and transformation.

In her message, Nida Makatabang, Provincial Chairwoman, said “If we accept the UNYPAD as our organization we should also accept our responsibilities as a challenging tasks to use and implement it and accept that we are role model of the youth in our community.”
One of the active members of UNYPAD NCCII Jomar Marquez from the Research and Information Committee in Aleosan Chapter shared his journey in UNYPAD and expressed his appreciation to the organization.

He conveyed that the training skills he gained developed his self-confidence. Marquez said the UNYPAD espouses the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and tries its best to be a competitive organization.

Kagawad Ali Gumaga said during his response message, “We, as Barangay Kagawad are supportive in any activities of youth because we believe that youth has a big part to help our community for peace and development of this barangay.”

Ustadzah Zahra Zumbaga, one of the UNYPAD advisers, was the leading organizer of the activity. She attributed the success of the activity to the help of James Zumbaga, municipal official of Pikit, and other sectors and members.

The organizers are looking forward that the activity conducted marks the beginning of Barangay Manaulanan youth journey in UNYPAD.