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UNYPAD NCCll continues organizing activity in Pagalungan

By: Zulkarnain M. Kudto

PAGALUNGAN, Maguindanao (Nov. 8, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) North Cotabato Cluster (NCC) ll Pagalungan Chapter continues its organizing at Barangay Bagoenged chapter on yesterday in this town.

In his welcome message, Abdulgafor Maliga, thanked the participants and cited, “This activity is an opportunity to continue our struggle in capacitating ourselves, youth leaders and our community.”

Mukarim Tado, member of Committee on Da’wah and Education of Pagalungan Chapter, described UNYPAD as a walking university.

“We wish to develop the youth by raising your Iman (faith) to a holistic aspect of every individual,” he said.

UNYPAD NCCII Chairman, Hamsa Landayan, presented UNYPAD’s vision, mission, objectives and goals.

“Our organization is working hard to organize you because we believe that youth has the bigger role in the pursuit of the continuation of the peace and development in every community,” he emphasized.

Mokamad Andoy, former ABC President of Pagalungan, said on his message, “We should be thankful for this group of people who extend their services for the betterment of the Bangsamoro.”
He urged the participants to be agents of progress and change in the community.

“Our barangay really needs empowered youth to help in its development,” he pointed out.
NCCII Chairwoman, Nida Makatabang said, “Women are have also a big role in the society.”

She underscored the importance for men and women to work together in building a better community.

“We need also to involve ourselves in efforts that will strengthen faith of the members of the community particularly practicing the teachings of Islam,” she added.

Mansorie Ali, legislator of Bagoenged said, “Our barangay is waiting for you (UNYPAD) to conduct this orientation. We the BLGU and other leaders here are in full support to the programs and services of your organization.”

The newly oriented chapter officers and members planned to conduct their oath-taking soon.