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UNYPAD NCC-II Women’s Affair Committee conducts orientation program

By: Taya P. Adam

DATU MONTAWAL, Maguindanao (Nov 12, 2021) – The United Youth For Peace and Development (UNYPAD) North Cotabato Cluster II Women Affairs Committee (WAC) conducted LAST Tuesday an orientation to the newly recruited members held at Makatabang Memorial Elementary School in this town.

More than 50 women participants coming from different barangays attended the activity.

Recruiting and involving women in the organization are among the priorities of UNYPAD to show how important the role of women in the community and most especially to the Bangsamoro struggle.

Dr Rahib L. Kudto, UNYPAD National President said in his message, “With women as partners, we can build a nation.”
In her rationale, UNYPAD NCC-II Chairwoman Nida Makatabang tackled the objectives of the activity.

Anisa Matula, Provincial Vice-Chairwoman for External Affairs, reminded women on the proper wearing of dress that must cover the awrah.

Annie Udil member of committee on Da’wah and Education discussed the vision, mission, goals and objectives of UNYPAD.

“Kagilkan ako lemudep sa UNYPAD taman sa kinakineg ko sa nadtalo nilan uged mangeni taw kano Allaho Taallah sa eggan taw nin sa magaga tano ngayn e sangan salkitaw (I have been afraid to join UNYPAD since I heard what they said but we will ask Allah for guidance so that we can fulfill whatever position is given to us),” Haguiar Manalasat, one of the participants said.

“Dili makagilk i kaludep sa UNYPAD kagina nya kami a pedtabang salkano asal kadtindegan no so position no endo. In shaa Allah makakwa kano sa ilmo ka aden mga trainings and seminars a ipeg conduct para salkano (Don’t be afraid to join UNYPAD because we are here to help you do your function based on your positions. In shaa Allah you will gain knowledge because there are trainings and seminars that will be conducted for you),” Nida Makatabang said in response.

“Ilmo na kena siya pembalasan no Allah sa kadakel a natawan nengka ka siya kano kadakel no nanggula nengka (Allah gives us reward not for our knowledge, but for the deeds we’ve done),” Hadiguia Ugki shared.

In his closing remarks, Badrudin Mamindeg, Vice-Chairman for Internal Affairs elaborated more about the major programs and services of UNYPAD.