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UNYPAD NCCII officers undergo TOT on Islamic Leadership and Organizational Management

By: Guihanah P. Balabagan

PIKIT, Special Geographic Area (January 12, 2022) — The United Youth For Peace and Development (UNYPAD) North Cotabato Cluster II (NCCII) Officers successfully undergone a 3-day Training of Trainers on Islamic Leadership and Organizational Management at Barangay Batulawan Pikit Cluster I SGA-BARMM last January 7-9, 2022.

More or less 30 provincial executive officers of UNYPAD NCCII, Committee on Da’wah and Education provincial officers, provincial committee heads including Women Affairs Committee (WAC) and municipal chairpersons joined the activity.

The activity is part of the effort of UNYPAD to mobilize young individuals and equip them with essential knowledge and skills in line with the goal of organization to strengthen its clusters and chapters.

The activity further aimed for the participants to develop and adopt best practices and strategies on Islamic leadership and organizational management as well as to capacitate competent poll of lecturers on these fields.
Dr. Rahib L. Kudto, UNYPAD President was the lecturer and facilitator of Leadership in Islam. He discussed all about Islamic leadership, shared history of some prophets in terms of their leadership, cited verses from the holy Qur’an that could be adopted in the organization.

He also introduced workshops that can be applied to the communities.

“Leadership is not a profession, it belongs to Allah, and your appointment or responsibility as a leader is from Allah. You mold others to become a good leader as well and you are only an instrument,” Kudto emphasized.

The discussion on Organizational Management was facilitated by the Secretary-General of UNYPAD, Yusoph Lumambas. He elaborated each fundamental function of management and shared some workshops to be applied.

“You will become an effective good leader, a manager and an excellent lecturer as you apply the learnings you have acquired from this TOT,” he said.

In his response message, Motalib Mokalam, Head of Committee on Health and Disaster Management, one of the participants said, “These opportunities are of big help for us for we can apply all these. We have to help each other, share our expertise and strive to achieve our goals and to become good lecturers in the future.”

UNYPAD national committee officers and members, UNYPAD NCCII Provincial Chairman, Hamsa G. Landayan, and committee officers and members including Women Affairs Committee (WAC) were also present to show their moral support for the activity.