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UNYPAD-Datu Piang Chapter officers discuss upcoming programs, activities

By: Ebrahim A. Macaalay

DATU PIANG, Maguindanao (February 28, 2022) — The Officers and members of the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD)- Datu Piang Chapter held a meeting to discuss undertakings in implementing programs and activities on Sunday (Feb 27)at their headquarter in Barangay Kangguan, this town.

They discussed further how their programs can help improve and develop not only the members of the organization but also the Bangsamoron people of the municipality.

Among the activities agreed that will be conducted included weekly Islamic lecture for members, Islamic symposium, Mobile Da’wah, Kapamelimpyu (cleanliness) Program, and other seminars, training and workshops aimed at sharpening and developing the skills and abilities of the members of the organization.

Jamir E. Kalim, Municipal Chairman of the said chapter reminded his colleagues that it will not be easy to achieve the goal of the organization for there may be challenges that may come ahead.

“So it is only right that everyone do the right thing and move towards progress and the organization will be established,” he said.

The chapter chair added, “We are confident that the implementation of the organization’s programs and services will be smooth and systematic if we continue to unite and work together to accomplish it.”

“We must always remember that what we can give and do in the organization is for Allah SWT, not just to be noticed by other people,” Vice Chairman for Internal Affairs Muslimin P. Matangkoy said.

Rahim M. Lasak, chapter adviser, suggested that every member of the organization should continue to work together and cooperate to further expand their programs and services.

He also recommend to the group to give focus on increasing membership to enable more individuals to partake in various undertakings of UNYPAD.

“We must always remember that along with the purpose of the organization to improve each of its members and officers is to encourage more Bangsamoro youth to be useful to their community and to be aware of the aspirations being fought by the Bangsamoro,” he added.

Last January 29, 2022 UNYPAD – Datu Piang Chapter were formally established by UNYPAD National President Dr. Rahib Kudto himself and appointed its officers.