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UNYPAD Maguindanao-3 conducts orientation, oath-taking ceremony for school-based chapter

By: UNYPAD Maguindanao Cluster 3

BULUAN, Maguindanao (February 28, 2022) – The United Youth for Peace and Development – Maguindanao Cluster 3 (UNYPAD MAG-3) conducted orientation and oath taking ceremony for the newly organized school-base chapter on Sunday in this town.
Around 50 students of Regional Madrasah Graduate Academy (REMACADEMY) attended the activity with the presence of UNYPAD national officers and municipal chairmen of General Salipada K Pendatun, Datu Paglas, Paglat, Mangudadatu and Buluan to show their support.

“I am very thankful for giving response to our invitation to hear and understand our organization. Welcome to our organization and you will never loss if you accept UNYPAD,” Akmad S. Musa, UNYPAD Provincial Chairman, said in his welcome remarks.

Deputy Provincial Chair for Da’wah and Education Musa Kandayog cited during his Islamic orientation deliberation, “As a youth you are mandated to share knowledge and effort in the Bangsamoro struggle. You have giant task and responsibility in our cause.”

“Sekanu ba nan i panginam nu dalpa. Masla i sangan nu mga kangudan mabaloy a sekanu i model sya kanu society endu mapatulus kanu naludsuan nu kalukesan tanu (You are the hope of our place. Youth have big responsibility and you may become model in our society. You shall also continue what your forefathers have started,” he said.

Pamandun su mga taw endu kangudan labi labi den su membro na UNYPAD sa ukit kapaguyag sa apia yani ukit I back yard gardening, kaumbal sa organic fertilizer namba i makdtabang nu Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (Teaching the community especially the members of UNYPAD on livelihood like backyard gardening, production of organic fertilizer is what the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources can do to help),” Chief of Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Rudy Lumapinet disclosed in his inspirational message.

In her privilege speech, Women Affairs Committee Chairwoman Aisah Moreno, reiterated that the youth is hope the fatherland. “We will do our best to strengthen our UNYPAD chapter in this school,” she said.

National Vice-Chairman for Internal Affairs Ysmael Tu Alid Alfonso explained the milestone of the UNYPAD.

“It’s the only organization that have united and organized the 13 tribes entire the Philippines. We have 37 provincial organized and functional chapters,” Alfonso conveyed.

He also added that the UNYPAD is the only organization member of the third party monitoring team (TPMT).

Provincial Chairman Akmad S. Musa explained all about the UNYPAD including task and responsibility of every officer and members of the organization.
He exemplified the UNYPAD to a mobile university citing, “You can learn some short courses like Islamic leadership management and administration, conflict resolution, public speaking and da’wah methodology and others.”

“The above courses are all specialization of our organization. UNYPAD is youth development center and one of the very active organizations in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) and in the Philippines. UNYPAD had been organized 37 cities and provincial chapters,” Musa added.

He also successfully facilitated the selection and appointment of the officers and members of the UNYPAD REMACADEMY Chapter.
Provincial Vice-Chairman for External Affairs Haviv Maindan led the oath of office of the officers and members of the REMACADEMY UNYPAD chapter.

“We assure that you will be empowered and equipped as you make this organization functional. More knowledge and skill you will learn,” Maindan reiterated in his closing remarks.

The activity ended with closing dua by Ustadz Musa Kandayog, the Deputy Provincial Secretary on Da’wah and Education.