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UNYPAD Bulucan Chapter holds Ramadhan Islamic Symposium 


CARMEN, Cotabato Province (April 21, 2022) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Bulucan Chapter conducted Ramadhan Islamic Symposium on April 16, 2022 at Madrasah Bulucan Institute of Norol Guiaded Al Islamie, Sitio Bulucan, Barangay Pebpolan, this town.

The event was conducted in partnership with the Political Committee, Bangsamoro Communications Network and BKACP.

The activity started with the opening Du’a of Ustadz Anwarudin P. Blah followed by a welcome address by Danny Kulinso, Professional sector and message of Mangelel Mamasakitao, the Barangay Chairman.

Akmad U. Maguid, UNYPAD Provincial Chairman, gave the rationale of the activity that was joined by 215 participants coming from the different barangays of Carmen.

The lecturers were Sheikh Hanapi Bandila, Sheikh Homede Salilaguia, Sheikh Abdulwahed Abdullah, and Sheikh Abdulkadir Gandibalo, all graduates of different Islamic universities abroad.

Organizers were grateful for the knowledge shared by the resource person. The topics discussed were Sallatul Fe Islam,Pabilatul Siyam, Dawrol Shabab Fe Binae Muji ma’ah, and Pabilatul Qur’an Wa Quira’Atoho.

To make the event livelier, the organizers threw questions relevant to the topics discussed.

Prizes coming from the officers of UNYPAD NCC4
The officers of UNYPAD Bulucan Cahpter expressed gratitude to Provincial Chairman Akmad Maguid and Provincial Chairwomen Elaysa Latiban for their support the different chapters of Cluster IV.

Ustadz Mohammad Bandila was in-charge of organizing the speakers of every symposium hosted by the organization.

Abdulkarim B. Blah thanked the speakers of the symposium as well as the officers and members of UNYPAD.