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UNYPAD-Nasapian hosted Islamic Mass Symposium


CARMEN, Cotabato Province (April 24, 2022) — The United Youth for Peace and Development Nasapian Chapter hosted an Islamic Symposium Mass Symposium yesterday at Barangay Nasapian, this town.
The activity was conducted under the leadership of Chairman Mhycho Alon and Chairwoman Rohanieza Kabasalan.

It was aimed to emphasize the importance of Ramadhan and the Islamic religion to the young and adult Muslims in town.

The activity started with the recitation of a verse from the holy Qur’an by Alhafidh Mohaimen Tacuken.

Former Captain Hon. Edris Gandalibo Al-Hajj, gave his message of support.
Political Committee Chairman Musa Esmail of Hamen, Ligawasan also graced the event.

North Cotabato Cluster IV Chairman Akmad Maguid tackled the purpose of the program which is part of the plan of the Da’wah and Education Committee.
Representatives of UBJP, Vice-Chairman Carmen Cluster, on behalf of Ust. Muhaliden Macasasa, UBJP 2nd District Chief executive Hon. Saudi Aplal have a message.

Almera Tacuken, UNYPAD Vice-Chairwoman of the said barangay, introduced the Ulama (Muslim religious scholars).

The Ulama who shared their knowledge were Shaykh Abdulmonaim Ahmad, Shaykh Abdulwahid Abdullah and Shaykh Abdulmohaimin Mamulid through lectures.

UNYPAD National President and member of the Third Party Monitoring Team Rahib L. Kudto delivered a message for the youth and people of Nasapian and other neighboring areas.

He underscored the importance of achieving the Bangsamoro self-dermination.

Part of the symposium was having a Sual wa Jawab led by Ustadz Mohamad Bandila, Member of NCCIV Da’wah and Education Committee, which was immediately answered by the audience.

The said program was attended by about six hundred participants. Organizers thanked the participants and the working force that led to the success of the activity. (📷 Rohanieza T. Kabasalan)