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UNYPAD-Lutayan Women Affairs Committee holds training on bathing corpse

By: UNYPAD SK Chapter

LUTAYAN, Sultan Kudarat (May 22, 2022) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Lutayan Municipal Chapter through its Committee on Da’wa and Education
held a training on bathing corpse on May 22, 2022.

The activity was aimed to educate the participants with the proper procedure of performing Guslul Jana-zah or bathing on the corpse of a dead Muslim which is considered as a right of the person who died before burial and it is included in the teachings of the Islamic religion.

Ustadz Muhalidin Musa first discussed about death and he emphasized the right and wrong actions of the bereaved family members of a Muslim who died.

He mentioned among the wrong acts includes placing the Qur’an, rice on the plate with an egg right next to a corpse.

“It is not allowed to place a Qur’an, rice and egg near the dead Muslim, however, the corpse should be bathed because it is his right,” said Musa.

This was followed by the actual demonstration by Ustadz Datu Odin Rajabuayan on how to properly bath a corpse.

According to Ustadz Rajabuayan, a dead body should be properly cleansed because this is the correct teaching of Islam.

He added, “It would be better that the body of a dead Muslim would thoroughly be cleansed and if possible it should be done by his family members.”

In the said activity, WAC Chairwoman Nisan Sandigan hoped that the knowledge on Islam will gradually increase especially through the said activity.

She also thanked her fellow members and those the resource persons.

Sandigan added the participants can apply their learnings once any of their family members passes away. She also underscored that death is inevitable.

The organizers hoped that there will be a similar study for other members of the UNYPAD Lutayan Municipal Chapter.