CCSPC’s interns in UNYPAD start community field engagement

CCSPC’s interns in UNYPAD start community field engagement

July 2, 2013: The Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) sent twelve students for an internship as part of the requirement in completing their “Bachelor of Science in Community Development (BSCD)” course to the United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD). Other twenty-two interns were deployed to the Kadtuntaya Foundation Incorporated (KFI), fifteen were dispatched to the Community and Family Services International (CFSI) and twelve to Accion Contre La-Faim (ACF). CFSI and ACF were both international non-government organizations.

Yusoph S. Lumambas, Secretary General of the UNYPAD, said that the official communication letter from the CCSPC College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) was sent on Tuesday, June 24, requesting UNYPAD to allow its 12 students to take their internship in UNYPAD.

“The National Executive Council Members of the organization were immediately called for a meeting to decide whether the request be positively responded to or not,” Lumambas disclosed.

During the briefing and orientation for the interns on Tuesday, led by Practicum Coordinator Instructor Luz B. Santillan held at the UNYPAD office ‘peace room’ here in RH no.3, Cotabato City, the UNYPAD National President Rahib L. Kudto officially welcomed the interns and expressed, in behalf of the organization, his thanks and gratitude to CCSPC for choosing UNYPAD as one of the institutions where internship of its students is done.

“This made us happy because we know that this is a trust,” Kudto said.

“We can’t promise that the UNYPAD can satisfactorily give your school’s expectations from us but what we can assure you is that we will do our best for those expectations be met insha-Allah,” he added.

Among other highlights of the program was the presentation of the vision, mission, goals, objectives, programs and services of the organization, which was shared by National Vice President for Internal Affairs (VPIA) Tu A. Alfonso.

Alfonso emphasized that the UNYPAD is a Peoples’ Organization (PO), it is a nonprofit institution run by Moro youth professionals who once became a direct and indirect victims of the conflict in Mindanao.

“Though UNYPAD is a PO that established chapters in the community, and for it to be able to engage in activities geared towards bringing development projects to the rural communities, it created the Development Management Center (DMC), which is responsible for managing the whole implementation process of any projects,” he said.

“If one activity belongs to organization’s ‘non-funded program,’ it is the UNYPAD itself to initiate ways to fund it (through contributions and solicitations),” Alfonso revealed.

“The DMC caters to people’s needs specifically rural communities that have always been affected by wars through implementing development projects,” Anwar Z. Saluwang said in his presentation highlighting the roles of the DMC.

“All DMC’s engagements are supported by different peace partners,” he clarified.

Saluwang had also given updates on DMC’s past implemented projects in partnership with UNDP, Act for Peace, JICA/GGP, TAF, Unicef, Save the Children, ACF, FAO, PAMANA, among others.

“Currently, we have an ongoing project in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao, which is a construction of (six classrooms) school building from Japan Embassy and we’re also expecting for the approval of the submitted proposal for Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction Management to AusAID-PACAP as well as our group proposal led by the Conciliation Resources (CR) submitted to European Commission,” Saluwang disclosed.

07.02.13 photo2Asked about the expectations of the interns to the UNYPAD, Santillan said, “This orientation has served as avenue for meeting our expected information, which includes, among others, Vision, Mission, Goals, policies and services of the UNYPAD.”

“Among other expected outputs of our interns from UNYPAD is to render   200 hours of their field exposures, summary of interns’ daily activities, the training design for proposed seminars by the agency, and the narrative report,” Santillan added.

“The interns should submit these requirements at the end of the semester as well as the evaluated performance (grades/marks) given by their field supervisor,” she furthered.

Santillan thanked the UNYPAD leadership for accepting the interns. She informed UNYPAD leadership that the CCSPC donates an amount of (Php1,000.00 pesos) to the UNYPAD as “affiliation fee” intended accordingly for some expenses needed by the UNYPAD Admin Office for purchasing bond paper, pens, etc. which are needed along the internship duration.

The UNYPAD national chair for Women Affairs Committee (WAC) Baisanie J. Macabuat delivered the closing remark in the orientation program.

On Wednesday, Alfonso, the assigned UNYPAD national officer in-charge for the overall supervision of the interns, met them in a planning-meeting and discussed the distribution of assignments to the national executive office (national president, vice presidents, secretary general, DMC, and WAC).

Alfonso said that, “there are six teams composed of two students per team and there’s a rotation of assignments to executive offices every fifteen days until all of them will be assigned to various offices.”

07.02.13 photo1The meeting had also come up with target schedules for trainings or seminars for the interns to equip them with additional knowledge on community organizing, time management, procedures and handling of meetings, DRRM, and leadership and management.

The CCSPC’s BSCD interns assigned to the office of National President and DMC office had started their field engagement. On June 27-30, the assigned team to the offices of VPIA and Sec. Gen. have already attended UNYPAD field activity in Bukidnon province.

The interns deployed in UNYPAD are all women; they are 1) Princess Sabanal, 2) Saguira Abedin, 3) Bailen Macabuat, 4) Raihana Kendi, 5) Yasrin Kusain, 6) Bai Jasmin Matanog, 7) Bai Maliha Melicano, 8) Zenaida Abdullah, 9) Princess Guiamad, 10) Taisah Mamantar, 11) Sauira Upak, and 12) Lady Bai Kalipa.

The Cotabato City State Polytechnic College had chosen UNYPAD for internship of its students who are majoring Social Work twice already. (UNYPAD News)