Cotabato City Chapter holds Symposium on ‘Ramadhan’

Cotabato City Chapter holds Symposium on ‘Ramadhan’

By: Tu Alid Alfonso with report from Abdul-Alim S. Talusob

July 8, 2013: “We have at least 30 participants who were able to attend the half-day symposium on Saturday, June 29, from our chapters despite the heavy rain that day, and we are happy for additional knowledge on what is the holy month of Ramadhan all about,” Sittie Saada Sampayan-Lawan, acting chairwoman of Cotabato City chapter, said.

The said activity was held at the UNYPAD Office, RH no. 3, Cotabato City from 8 o’clock in the morning until 12 noon. It was participated by officers and members (men and women) from the different organized barangays of Cotabato City Chapter.

Shiekh Nhorul-am A. Abdullah, Al-hadj was the speaker of the affair who discussed the “Significance of Ramadhan”.

The Cotabato City Chapter President Mohamiden G. Solaiman said that through this activity the participants have learned more about the given topic.

“This could help them remind of what are the “do’s and don’ts” during the time of fasting,” Solaiman said.

“Different questions from the participants were asked and Shiekh Abdullah answered them intellectually based on the teachings of Islam,” he added.

Meantime, the chapters of the UNYPAD in different areas nationwide are holding series of planning in preparation for the coming of very significant month to the Muslims all over the world.

The national committee on Dawah and Education is expected to be the busiest office in UNYPAD national chapter during this month to organize symposiums, send speakers, and supervise chapters’ activities.