New Chairperson of Women Affairs Committee of UNYPAD Davao City Chapter Installed

New Chairperson of Women Affairs Committee of UNYPAD Davao City Chapter Installed

By: Norin M. Kudto

April 4, 2013: Some 40 Bangsamoro youth women coming from different Barangays of Davao City attended the reorientation activity for UNYPAD Women Affairs Committee (WAC) held at Barangay Tigato, Davao City, last March 30, 2013.

The said activity has helped enlighten more women on their roles in the Bangsamoro struggle for peace and right to self-determination.

In his input titled “All about UNYPAD,”   Rahib L. Kudto, UNYPAD National President, said that the WAC is organized not to compete with the men but to help them realize the very vision of the organization through proper implementation of the UNYPAD’s core Programs and Services.

“Women are partners of men in all their endeavors, and they have been given autonomy from planning of their own activities up to the implementation,” Kudto said.

The Women Affairs Committee (WAC) has been operating under the direct supervision of the National President (in the case of the National Level).

To refresh the old officers and inform the new others, Baisanie J. Macabuat, National Chairperson, gave the input on the Tasks and Functions of the WAC. She presented the WAC structure to give thorough and clear explanation on WAC’s protocol or order of command.  

“Our main responsibility is to extend services for the welfare of the women especially the Bangsamoro women”, said Baisanie.

The question and answer session ensued immediately after the two presentations to give space for participants to raise some concerns or clarifications on presented topics.

To inform them of the accomplishments of the WAC, Fatima E. Sapalon, Chief on Committee on Research and Information, made an informative presentation showing some implemented activities of the WAC since its inception.

“To finish my presentation, I encourage you to do the same activities as that will help strengthen your camaraderie, develop your skills and knowledge, and most importantly, it is one way of extending services to the Bangsamoro,” Fatima said.

The topic about “Roles of women in the Bangsamoro Struggle” was delivered by Farida P. Dalandan, Vice Chairwoman for External Affairs.

“Every woman plays a vital role in this struggle,” Farida stressed in the middle of her presentation.

“Women in pre-Islamic era were different from the women of today as they were just considered men’s property and they have no right to inherit properties,” she added.

She furthered that today’s women are stronger, and are not any more discriminated. They are now given the free will and are already engaged in various activities that can contribute in attaining Peace and development in the country.

By virtue of the powers vested in her as National Chairperson of the WAC, Baisanie declared officially that the reactivated and newly installed officers of the WAC, Davao City Chapter, are already recognized and they can start implementing activities in line with the organization’s major programs and services.

In her message, Silfah Sacar, Davao City Chapter WAC Chairperson, gave her words of commitment before the National Officers and extended thanks to them for coming and sharing their time despite their busy schedules.

The WAC officers of the Davao City Chapter are: Silfah Sacar, Chairwoman; Hairon Jayadi, Vice Chairwoman for Internal Affairs; Joan “Khadija” Basilio, Vice Chairwoman for External Affairs; Alnor Catuyo, Secretary; Joan “Sayra” Sanguilan, Chief on Committee on Dawah and Education; Reham Sacar, Chief on Committee on Research and Information; Rasmen Fudail Japar, Chief on Committee on Campaign and Advocacy, and Amalou Mamaluba, Chief on Health and Disaster Management.

“Finally, in behalf of the WAC, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Gabriel C. Palma, President of Davao City Chapter, for his invaluable support for having made this activity possible,” Baisanie said.