Programs and Services

The organization implements the following six (6) programs and services to realize its vision, mission, goal and objective.


1. Youth Organizing and Solidarity

UNYPAD organizes the youth, both school-based and out-of-school,  in different areas in the Philippines.  This organized youth can join the organization as member if there is an existing organized chapter in the area or they can establish another chapter in case there is no organized chapter yet.

Every member of the organization will undergo series of training, seminars, workshops and other capacity-building initiatives.  Among others are; (a) Spiritual formation and strengthening; (b) Leadership and management skills training; and others.


2. Capacity Building

The organization offers different capacity-building activities to both members and community members of its organized chapter.  The method used are; formal training, seminar, workshop, etc.  UNYPAD also facilitate out-of-the-country training, seminar and formal education in partnership with international partners.

Some of the capacity-building services offered are: (a) Training on Organizing; (b) Peace Education; (c) Basic Livelihood services and assistance; and others.


3. Research and Information Development

As we all know, data/information is very vital in order to provide appropriate initiatives and interventions.  Hence UNYPAD included research and information development in its programs and services.  The primary goal is to established itself as a reliable source of data and information related to: Grassroots socio-economic situation; Human rights issues; and Conflict dynamics and resolutions among others.


4. Campaign and Advocacy


5. Environmental and Natural Resources


6.  Rehabilitation and Development