UNYPAD Basilan Provincial Chapter facilitates FGD on Bangsamoro Basic Law

UNYPAD Basilan Provincial Chapter facilitates FGD on Bangsamoro Basic Law

By Ibnulhareev Alyakaniy

ISABELA CITY, Basilan (October 7, 2014) – “The Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was focused on the “Pre-Plebiscite Pulse of the Electorates on the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL),”said Prof. Muhmin Lamla, UNYPAD-Basilan provincial chapter Chairman.

“At the beginning of the FGD, most of the participants have negative interpretations, impressions, and feelings on the term Bangsamoro alone especially those non-Muslims,” he disclosed.

Lamla said that after the update of the Secretary-General of UNYPAD Yusoph Lumambas on the GPH-MILF peace process, the participants were enlightened about the history of the Moro people and future Bangsamoro Government.

He also said that both Muslims and Christians are hoping that the GPH is sincere enough in resolving the centuries-old Mindanao conflict and be implementing fully all peace accords it entered with the Moro revolutionary fronts.

“We must be proud of having the Bangsamoro Government because Bangsamoro is the most dignified and honorable people of Mindanao who lived peacefully and harmoniously in early stage of Islam and that Moros had never submitted themselves to colonizers,” said Mr. Mario Mamang during the FGD.

Mr. Mamang added that the Bangsamoro Government is not only for MILF, MNLF, Sultans and traditional politicians but for all stakeholders in Mindanao.

Sister Jenevieve Damaso, a Christian religious sector representative, said that she is really for peace. She registered her support for any kind of peace initiative.

“I’m willing to give chance for the CAB, BBL, and for the establishment of Bangsamoro Government to attain lasting peace,” the nun said.

Lamla said that the participants suggested to conduct more consultations on the BBL and the proposed establishment of Bangsamoro Government so that people can have much time to evaluate the Bangsamoro Government.

He added that the participants of the said FGD are candid in thanking the UNYPAD for valuing and inviting them to participate in the affair.

“It is our commitment to start nourishing UNYPAD in Basilan despite many years of its silence and invisibleness by pursuing our tasks and responsibilities so as to effectively help attain lasting peace and sustainable development in the Bangsamoro homeland particularly in Basilan Province,” Lamla stressed.

The FGD was conducted on September 13, 2014 by the UNYPAD-Basilan Chapter at Isabela City, Basilan.