UNYPAD Bukidnon Chapter holds Skills Enhancement Training-workshop

UNYPAD Bukidnon Chapter holds Skills Enhancement Training-workshop

July 10, 2013: Some 50 individuals  from the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), women sector, barangay council, and tribal leaders’ group attended a two-day skills enhancement training-workshop on Islamic Leadership and Management, and Community Organizing conducted by the newly organized UNYPAD Bukidnon Provincial Chapter held at Iranun Village, Poblacion 2, Kalilangan, Bukidnon province on June 29-30 facilitated by the UNYPAD national chapter in coordination with the UNYPAD North Cotabato provincial chapter.

In the rationale of the training delivered by the provincial vice president for internal affairs of North Cotabato Chapter Akmad Maguid, he recalled and disclosed that there was that Leadership and Management Training of UNYPAD North Cotabato Chapter held at Pikit, Cotabato at which there were youth leaders from Kalilangan, Bukidnon, that had attended the activity which led to have come up with an idea and, then, decision to expand the organizing program of UNYPAD to Bukidnon.

He added that there was an orientation on “UNYPAD all about” conducted at Barangay Poblacion 2, Kalilangan aimed at making the community specially youth and leaders aware of the UNYPAD so that organization’s chapter will be established.

“This training and induction of officers for Bukidnon provincial chapter is a realization or fulfillment our promise made during the community orientation conducted here,” Maguid elucidated.

Astany Mamandog, the appointed provincial president of Bukidnon chapter said, “We, the youth of Bukidnon, are very lucky for having been organized as members of UNYPAD because without this organization we can’t start our plans for the betterment of youth and our community here in Bukidnon.”

“We want to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Allah and also to UNYPAD leaders,” Mandog added.

The Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) interns taking Bachelor of Science in Community Development course were part of the UNYPAD national delegation.

07.10.13 photo 1Yusoph S. Lumambas, Secretary General of UNYPAD, and Tu Alid Alfonso, National Vice President for Internal Affairs were the resource persons of the said training-workshop.

Lumambas gave input on Islamic Leadership. The first workshop was to ask the participants to give “examples of good and successful leaders in the world, and answer the question on what are the sources of Islamic leadership.”

Lumambas explained before the participants the leadership style of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and he cited the book of famous American writer and researcher, Michael H. Hurt, titled “The 100 Most Influential Men in the World” by which the Prophet Mohammad was listed number one (in the rank) and considered him as the ‘most influential man’ in the world recognized by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Lumambas explained that Islam is a complete way of life, which had demonstrated successful governance in the world. He cited the good leadership and governance exemplified by Omar Ibnu Abdul Aziz, which was depicted as “Golden Age of Islam.”

“During his regime, the entire Arabian Peninsula was rich – no poor and marginalized groups were found, no injustices committed, and that was the time in which ‘zakat’ or alms were distributed to non-Muslims.

Lumambas even cited the works of the renowned researchers, Professor Claire Renzetti and Dan Curran of the School of Sociology at St. Joseph University in Philadelphia in their book, “Living Sociology” published in 2005 which stated that Islam is the second fastest growing religion in the world next to Judeo Christian.

“Based on this research, there are 25 million individuals reverting to Islam annually all over the world,” he furthered.

07.10.13 photo 2The topic about Management was discussed by Alfonso (in the night session) on June 29. He presented views on management by Muslims and non-Muslim scholars like Dr. Naceur Jabnoun, among others. He also elucidated the difference between Leader and Manager, and the common duties and responsibilities of a leader.

The following day, June 30, was another input on Community Organizing facilitated again by Alfonso.

“The basic foundation of a community organizer is that we must know first our self, what are our principles that we cannot sacrifice? What are those weaknesses, strengths and talents that we’re good at?” Alfonso emphasized.

“And what is the purpose of our life in this world, our vision and mission to our community must also be made clear,” he added.

On the other hand, the afternoon session was the “Oath Taking Ceremony” of the newly appointed provincial chapter officers with messages of commitment of selected officers and community leaders.

The officers and the community leaders of Bukidnon emotionally responded to the mentioned expected challenges that they may meet in the future. They expressed strong commitment to support the organization in attaining its vision.

The interns are: Ladybai A. Kalipa, Princess P. Guiamad, Raihana M. Kendi, Saguira L. Abedin, Saguira T. Upak, and Bai Jasmin A. Matanog. They were assigned in the documentation and also helped in the facilitation of some workshops. (UNYPAD News).