UNYPAD Datu Paglas Chapter strengthens its organizational structure

By: Moctar Edzla

DATU PAGLAS, Maguindanao/December 2, 2018 – The officers of the United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD) Maguindanao Cluster-3 witnessed and officially accepted the new members and officers of the Datu Paglas Municipal Chapter held at Maguindanao Youth for Change Organization compound at Mahogani St. Poblacion, Datu Paglas municipality last November 30, 2018.

Taharudin Lumapinet, Municipal Chairman, said, “UNYPAD existed for a long time but re-orientation of the old members and orientation is still needed for them to re-affirm their commitment and for the new members to be enlightened on the noble goal of the organization.”

Ustadz Amrallah Abdulwahab, Municipal Chairman of Paglat Chairman shared some knowledge on Islam during the program.

“Siketano a mga nguda a dayt a maging potential leaders tano para sa mga tumundug a mga timpo, he also said in vernacular. Asking his colleagues to prepare to become a potential leader in the future.

“Importante e su leketano a paninindegan na makagunturo siya kano agama Islam para dili tano malugi endo matareng (It is important to align our faith in Islam for us not to be misguided)“, he added.

The Women Affairs Committee (WAC) Chairwoman Alhaida Pagalad has encouraged her fellow WAC officers and their members to be active to work in order to reap fruit of joining the UNYPAD.

“Tayong mga babae ay meron tayong awtononiya na gumawa ng sariling program sa WAC na hindi kailangan ang presensiya ng mga lalaki (We from WAC has autonomy in crafting and designing our own program without the presence of our men)“, Pagalad said. 

Bobby Abdullah, Chairman of the Maguindanao Cluster-3 is delighted to witness the eagerness of the youth in joining the organization.

“Saki na benal a gapya e ginawa ko sa gaelay ko e marakel a niya a officials na chapter no,” he said.

“Samaya na dekena tano ‘profit-oriented organization’ ya pan mawli na sekano e pakanggastu sa langon a bamekelin tano siya (We are not profit-oriented organization, in fact we are the one who will sustain our initiatives,” Abdullah pointed out.

“Kagena sekami siya sa probinsiya na e pidtimbang nami e niya organization sa isa a University sabap sa madakil su mga training a mapakay a makwa tano, a nasisita sa kabpanday kano leketano a dalpa, he added. 

UNYPAD Datu Paglas has been existing as chapter and providing youth development through trainings, seminars and symposia since 2010.

“We will continue to capacitate our members and the communities as our vehicle for change,” Pasigan Sapalon, Secretay of UNYPAD Mag-3 province said.

The National Officer present during the event was Rudy Lumapinet who assured his community to give attention specially if the concern is on environment and agriculture issue.

“I cannot promise you everything being your representative in the national chapter but, I will do my best to bring some of your concern to UNYPAD national,” he told before the UNYPAD municipal chapter officers.

There are 47 members and officers joined the program.

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