UNYPAD member awarded international scholarship in Sudan

UNYPAD member awarded international scholarship in Sudan

By Abu Jalil Aiman

COTABATO City (September 23, 2014) – Abubakar Salem Abas, Cotabato City Chapter acting Vice President for Internal Affairs of the United Youth for Peace and Development has been awarded scholarship in University of Khartoum, Sudan, Africa.

Before his departure, Abas was briefed by some members of the UNYPAD Executive Council with the presence of the Cotabato City Chapter Chairman Mohamiden Solaiman.

Yusoph Lumambas, UNYPAD Secretary-General, challenged the leadership of the Cotabato City Chapter how could its operation not be affected when Abas will be abroad for his study.

“We support and really appreciate this opportunity but I challenge you to strengthen your chapters’ operation in the absence of your officer,” Lumambas said.

Solaiman and his colleague agreed to make strategy to cope with the vacated responsibility of Abas.

“This position, we know, has a big role in the organizing work of the organization but we will do our best to continue the activities of brother Abubakar,” Solaiman replied.

Abas also said that he considered leaders of UNYPAD as mentor for always giving an advice to continue the studies of their officers and members. “I promise to not forget it, and I will strive to finish my study, and my membership in UNYPAD must be maintained even I am already out of the country,” he said.

Developing capacity of youth has been one of the priorities of the UNYPAD, Lumambas pointed out.

Along with Lumambas are Datuan Magon, UNYPAD national Acting Vice President for External Affairs and Anwar Saluwang, Director of Development Management Center of UNYPAD.

Magon reminded Abas that after his study, he will return home and share his knowledge and skills acquired abroad to use it primarily in helping running the future Bangsamoro government.

The UNYPAD, in its programs and services, caters internship from local, national and international institutions. It has partnership with other institutions that used to offer scholarship grants for the Bangsamoro. Most of the UNYPAD officers and members have attended exchange program abroad and have availed of scholarship grants, and now became instrumental in peace-building work in the country.