Women Affairs Committee (WAC) Conducts Values Transformation Training

Women Affairs Committee (WAC) Conducts Values Transformation Training

By: Baisanie J. Macabuat 

May 12, 2013: Some 20 women officers from different chapters of the United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD) participated in the 3-day Values Transformation Training (VTT) organized by the National Women Affairs Committee (WAC) of the UNYPAD held at the UNYPAD National Office last May 3-5, 2013.

In his message, Rahib L. Kudto, UNYPAD National President, said that  the training will help transform the values of the participants that are not in conformity with the teaching of Islam.

“A good community starts from having a good family which starts from having good individuals, and this training will help you identify the values within you that can make you a person of worth and value”, Kudto added.  

The resource speakers from Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), who were all women, used eight modules in explaining the topics.

Topics during the first day of the training focused on the definition of Values and identifying individuals’ own values through workshop. Participants were very interested in sharing their habits as part of identifying values that reflect on their personality.

In her input entitled “Values Enhancement and Personal Clarification”, Ustadza Pindaulan K. Balambag, trainer, explained that values are accepted moral standards or principles that people prefer and cherish consistently over other alternatives because of the importance they attribute to them.

“We cannot see values but it will reflect on our behavior, attitudes, character and habits”, she furthered.

The second day of the training got more interesting when Ustadza Jihan L. Batiting, trainer, discussed the topic about Iman or Faith.

In her input entitled “Iman (Faith) and its importance in Developing Islamic Values”, Ustadza Batiting said that Faith is belief and acceptance in the strongest possible manner. It is ascertained by the heart, declared by the tongue, and confirmed  by all actions.

“Iman is very important because in Islam, it is the very foundation of a Muslim Life”, Ustadza Batiting stressed in the middle of her input.

The topic on Taharah and Pillars of Islam were also discussed during the second day of the training. The participants were able to understand the importance of Taharah in developing Islamic Values.

“It shows on the way they share their ideas and opinions,” said Farida P. Dalandan, national Vice Chairperson for External Affairs.

Farida disclosed that the ways on how to deal with non-muslims were discussed in the third day.

“Both resource speakers and participants shared their experiences on the kind of treatment   with the non-muslims that includes, among others, their responses to the invitations from non-muslims to attend birthday celebration or in accepting food from them,” she elaborated.

“If it is the first time you have received food from a birthday celebration, you may eat it instead of throwing it but be sure to make aware the person (non-muslim) that you will not accept again any food from a birthday celebration as it is forbidden in Islam”, Ustadza Batiting clarified.

The closing program took place in the afternoon.

“I have learned a lot from this training. There were many values I have discovered within me that I should change, and I want to thank the facilitators and the convenors of this training, for making me realize all those bad attitudes or values that need to be removed”, said Sittie Farisha Magapisa, Vice Chairwoman for Internal Affairs, WAC, Cotabato City Chapter.

In her message, Ustadza Jihan Batiting said that she was very happy to know Bangsamoro women professionals like the women of UNYPAD, who have the initiative to conduct such activity  like the VTT that helped guide many individuals to be in the right path.

“I am so happy seeing you as professionals who are not ignorant of their own religion”, Ustadza Batiting said. “Even though you will not say anything, from the way you dress up, is a silent dawa (preachment) to everybody”, Ustadza Batiting added.

Tears of joy fell down from Ustadza Pindaulan’s eyes as she gave her message to the participants.

“I am so happy because there were many of you who have been guided to our religion”, Ustadza said. “I am already old and may not see you in the next 30 years but I am happy enough that I have shared something that will never be forgotten, and hope that you will not take for granted all you have learned from this activity”, she stressed.

The facilitators emphasized that all the participants’ learnings will go to nothing if it will not be put in to action.

The 3-day Values Transformation Training was attended by Provincial WAC Chapters namely: National Chapter; Cotabato City Chapter; Maguindanao- Cluster 1 and 2 Chapters, and other selected honorary members.